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Gunfire Reborn: How Does Dimension Pouch Work

Dimension Pouch is a talent that can be found under the Expedition Talent tree—but how does it work?




Gunfire Reborn has various talents to help you in the game. Your level is equivalent to the talents that you currently have. One of those talents that you’ll earn is Dimension Pouch. This guide will show you how does your Dimension Pouch work.

How Does Dimension Pouch Work in Gunfire Reborn

How Does Dimension Pouch Work – Gunfire Reborn

Leveling up your character in Gunfire Reborn is all about Talent Levels. To earn these levels, you’ll need to collect Soul Essence. After ending a run, however, you’ll lose your remaining Soul Essence points. Here’s where your Dimension Pouch comes in handy.

The first tier of the Dimension Pouch talent allows you to store up to 100 Soul Essence after a game. This assists you to carry over your leftover Soul Essence, so you won’t have to lose too many points. Also, this helps you to stack up for those expensive skills in higher talent levels. 

That’s all you need to know about the Dimension Pouch talent in Gunfire Reborn. A great way to farm more Soul Essence is to beat Bossesand Elites. They tend to drop a hefty amount of Soul Essence once you defeat them. Have fun playing!

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