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Fishing Planet: How to Use Crankbait

Crankbaits are lures intended for bigger predatory fish such as bass, muskies and pikes. Using them properly is an important aspect of Fishing Planet.




Using crankbait properly can help you catch fish you normally wouldn’t with other lures and bait. It’s easy to see why knowing how to use them is key for catching different fish in Fishing Planet.

Preparing to Use Crankbait

First off, you’ll need to buy some crankbait from the shop. Crankbait can be found under the “Plugs” section of the “Lures” category in the shop. Do note that crankbait can be pretty expensive. They’re definitely worth the price of admission once you get used to them, however.

You’ll also want to have a fairly strong rod when using crankbait. This is because crankbaits will mostly attract bigger predatory fish, so you need a resilient rod. As for the reel, any reel that matches the rod line weight is fine.

How to Use Crankbait in Fishing Planet

Crankbait can be used much like any other type of lure or bait. Simply equip it to your current rod in the inventory when you assemble the rod. You will want to do a long cast when using crankbait. This will make it more likely to attract the predatory fish that generally prefer crankbait.

Once you’ve cast, you should start to slowly retrieve your line. There are multiple methods to this. You can either just slowly retrieve in a straight line, which isn’t exactly optimal but can be used to figure out good spots where fish are. Or you can slowly retrieve and stop every few seconds to let your lure float. This second method is recommended if you already have figured out a good combination of fishing spots and lures but can be slower if you haven’t. Ultimately, this is up to you and requires some experimentation.

It’s also worth noting that the game seems to change the effectiveness of your lures each real-time day. So, a type of crankbait that was extremely effective one day might be less effective the next one and vice-versa. It’s important to have a variety of bait and lures for when this happens. This is, again, another aspect that will require you to experiment.

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