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Enshrouded: Best Building Blocks to Unlock

Who wants to live in a plain house?




Building bases is one of the core mechanics in Enshrouded, and the game allows players to build all sorts of structures with a variety of different materials and blocks.

So, what are the best building blocks you can unlock in the game?

We will be answering that question for you by looking at some of the best-looking building blocks in Enshrouded. This guide will also provide you with the locations of where to unlock these building blocks

Best Building Blocks to Unlock

Throughout your journey in Enshrouded, you will come across a wide variety of different blocks. In this guide, we have selected the 8 best ones we have found.

Once you unlock a block in Enshrouded, you can craft it from the crafting menu in the game. Getting new materials gives you the recipe as well.

Regular Stone Block

The first block on this list is a very basic block, but its classic look makes it an amazing block to use in building. You can never go wrong with a simple Regular Stone Block

quest for regular stone block

The Regular Stone Block can be obtained from the Mixed Stones quest. The quest description provides you with the location of the block and where to find it within that location. Alongside the block, you also get 75 experience points.

Location for regular stone block

The image above shows the location of the Regular Stone Block on the game’s map. Once you get there, you will find the block below a large bridge.

Regular stone block info

Bone Block

The Bone Block is exactly what the name suggests, a block made of bones.

Bone block location

The Bone Block can be found within a hidden tomb. The location of this specific tomb’s entry point is marked on the map for you.

Bone block inside tomb

Within this hidden tomb you will find a grave that contains the Bone Block. The Bone Block has a very distinct look and is a very good block to use if you are going for a more grim look.

Half-Timbered Block

If you are someone who enjoys a more classic wood finish to your house or structures, the Half-Timbered Block is the block you absolutely need to have.

half-timbered block location

This block can be found within a camp called Diadwyn. You can find this camp on the location we marked on the map above.

half-timbered block inside diadwyn camp chest

Upon clearing the camp, you will find the chest containing the Half-Timbered Blocks. You can use these blocks to give any structure in your base a classic wood finish look.

Limestone Block

Besides a classic stone look, you can also opt to go for a more sandy block in the form of a Limestone Block.

limestone block location

The location for this block is down south, which we have marked on the map. As you can see from the map, the location is on the edge of the game’s map, requiring you to travel a very long distance.

limestone block on top of building

The block will be inside a chest found on top of a building here.

Desert City Wall

The Desert City Wall unlocks by completing a quest.

desert city wall quest

The “Emily Fray’s Tavern” Quest requires you to make your way to a small tavern near Brittlebush, a town to the east of the map.

desert city wall location

Traveling here can also take you a long time, and other than that the enemies here can also be very high level. So, traveling here very early will be a bit of a challenge.

desert city wall inside chest found in tavern

Once inside the tavern, you will find the locked chest containing the Desert City Wall. To open this chest you will need lockpicks. Make sure that you either carry lockpicks or have some metal scraps in your inventory to craft them.

Castle Wall Stone Block

The Castle Wall Stone block gives your building a very castle-like look.

castle wall stone block quest

The block can be unlocked from the “Fortification” quest. This quest will require you to make your way to a mining rift

castle wall stone block location

The mining rift can be found in the location marked above. Using a checkpoint close to the location you can easily glide there

castle wall stone block chest on top of hanging platform

Gliding for this block is very useful, as the chest containing the block is on top of a platform hanging above the ground.

Citywall Block

citywall block quest

You can get this block upon completing of the “A Tower To The Stars” quest.

citywall block location

On the map, the location for Fawnsong Frontier is marked. The chest containing the Citywall block is found just a little bit north of the Fawnsong Frontier marker

citywall block chest beside a tower

Near the foot of a tower there, you will find the Citywall block inside a chest.

Luminescent Block

luminescent block crafting recipe

The last block on this list is the most unique-looking one. A block that glows in the dark, The Luminescent Block has a bluish look that has a slight glow to it.

To craft this block you will need to have Stone and Luminous Growth. Luminous Growth is a resource that can be found in multiple places in Enshrouded

location to farm luminous growth

The Abandoned Hunter Camp on the map above is a great place to mine Luminous Growth.

mining luminous growth

Luminous Growth stands out easily, making it extremely easy to spot. Do keep in mind that there are plenty of enemies here and the location is inside the shroud.

So there you have it, 8 building blocks that will upgrade the look of your structures. The game has plenty of other blocks for you to find too, so be on the lookout for them!

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