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Dying Light 2: How to Get the New Plasma Rifle Volkatronix Redux

Melt some zombie brains with this hi-tech weapon!




The Volkatronix Redux is a fancy new plasma rifle that just got added to Dying Light 2.

It’s a spicier variant of the Volkatronix rifle that was featured in the original Dying Light. It’s nice to see it come back to blast even more zombie freaks now that Dying Light 2 features firearms!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to get your hands on this powerful refresh of a classic weapon.

How to Get the New Plasma Rifle – Volkatronix Redux

Dying Light 2: How to Get the New Plasma Rifle Volkatronix Redux - DL Points

The Volkatronix Redux is, sadly, only available through purchasing microtransactions. You can buy it from the in-game shop for 200 DL Points.

To get 400 DL Points, you would need to pay at the very least about $3.96 (USD). Purchase four sets of 100 DL Points for $0.99 USD each and you’ll have an exact amount of DL Points for the rifle!

Disappointingly, there are no ways to earn DL Points in-game. So, if you absolutely need the Volkatronix Redux plasma rifle, you’ll need to purchase it. That’s just how it is!

50% Sale in Featured Category

On the upside, the Volkatronix Redux is currently on sale for 50% off, so it costs only 200 DL Points.

This sale is to commemorate the game’s anniversary and the new Reloaded Edition launch. The sale will last until February 29th, so make sure to pick up this fancy new plasma rifle while the sale lasts!

Store in the main menu

To purchase it, you just need to open the in-game Store from the game’s main menu. The Volkatronix Redux is in the Featured section, which is the default tab. Frankly, you can’t miss it!

Nonetheless, that’s the only way you can get the new Volkatronix Redux plasma rifle in Dying Light 2. No in-game unlocks for it, and no way to earn DL Points in-game.

Thankfully, it’s only one of the many guns added in the recent Firearms Update. There are many other fish in the sea… or guns in the post-apocalypse, rather.

If you want guns you can actually earn in-game without additional fees, make sure to check out our guide for the Lost Armory quest!

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