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Diablo Immortal: Ultimate Gear Guide

In Diablo Immortal, you need to understand the gear system to make your character stronger.




Blizzard Entertainment’s famous Diablo franchise is available on iOS and Android smartphones through the recently released Diablo Immortal mobile game. Like in the previous installments, the game has many valuable features that cater to the game’s audience.

The Essence Transfer feature allows you to trade legendary abilities between your characters for the ultimate gears.

Ultimate Gear Guide in Diablo Immortal

When it comes to your gear in Diablo games, it is crucial to upgrade them from time to time. Most of Diablo’s content revolves around combat, and weak gear can affect your gameplay.

To make your character more powerful, you need to understand the mechanics of the gear system. This ultimate gear guide will teach you how to transfer all your precious gems and awakening status to a new item to upgrade your gear better.

Upgrading Gear

The only way you can transfer all the stats and gems of your gear is through the Essence Transfer method. The first thing you need to do is talk to Zamina in the map above, and pick Extract on the left side to extract powers, which is the first stage of the procedure.

Then, go through the essences list until you find the one you want to extract. The word Extractable should be in the bottom right corner if it’s in your inventory.

Choose the essence you desire and then go with the stages. You will be required to pay a fee of a few thousand Gold—finally, press Extract to complete the procedure.

To inherit, talk to Zamina again and choose Inherit instead of Extract to inherit powers, which is the second part of the Essence Transfer. You must have the item you wish to transfer the essence to in your inventory first, so you need to unequip it if you’re wearing it.

Choose the item you want to apply the essence to, then select the essence and follow the on-screen directions. This step is free of charge.

Remember that the item that inherits the essence will alter its name and appearance, but its stats and upgrades will remain unchanged. As a result, you can no longer extract the power from that specific object.

So, the safest way to upgrade your gear from time to time is to save all of your Legendary items in your inventory since you never know when the meta will shift and you’ll need to transfer their essence to another piece of gear.

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