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Core Keeper: Where to Find Tin Ore

Though it’s hardly the rarest resource in Core Keeper, Tin Ore might be the most difficult to find, because of the place it usually spawns in.




Tin Ore is notoriously hard to come across in Core Keeper, possibly being harder to obtain than gold and ancient gemstones. But there is a semi-reliable method to find it, which coupled with an efficient mining technique, should give you plenty of this resource.

Where to Find Tin Ore in Core Keeper

Though you might not notice this at first, there are actually a few biomes in Core Keeper, differentiated by the ground color that you can compare on your map screen. Tin can be found in high quantity in the so-called Clay Biome, which has a dark orange floor. There’s also a Living Biome, which has a light orange floor, making it similar to the Clay one. It also has some tin ore, but not as much.

Mining Tin Efficiently

Of course, the tin ore will still spawn randomly, so you can spend a long time looking for it if you’re unlucky. Your best bet is to dig through the biome in a straight line, looking for silver sparkles, indicating where the tin ore is.

Fortunately, the clay walls aren’t all that strong – any pickaxe should do the job fine. You can use some upgrades to increase your sight range if you’re having trouble finding anything. But that shouldn’t be a problem – there is a lot of tin in the Clay Biome, making it nearly impossible to miss.

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