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Black Desert: How to Get a Horse

Horses are the primary mean of transportation in Black Desert. This will show you how to get your own horse.




How to Get a Horse in Black Desert

There are multiple ways to get horses in Black Desert. This guide will tell you how to get one, from the easiest method to the hardest method.

Free Reward

New players are awarded a free horse on their second day of playing. Note that this is a Tier 1 horse. Still, it’s a good start and it’s free. Look for a horse emblem in your rewards. This horse emblem can be traded for a free Tier 1 horse at a stable. Other free mounts might be randomly given away during events and such too.


If you don’t get a free emblem or you just want to buy a horse, you can do so too. You can buy a tier 1 horse at any stable for a price of 15,000 silver. This is a starter horse that is identical to the one you can claim as a free reward. Still, the option is there for you.

Additionally, other players might be selling their mounts, which is also something worth keeping in mind. If you have enough money and don’t want to spend time taming or breeding horses, buying them from other players is a good option.


Later in the game, you can also start taming horses. You’ll need to have ridden horses or donkeys enough for you to level up and get the Beginner 5 Training skill. Tamed horses are generally better than the ones you can get from stables. It can also be even cheaper if all goes well. It is more of a process, however. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to taming horses.

  1. Go to a Stable Keeper and buy Capturing Ropes
  2. Get a good amount of Lumps of Raw Sugar, either by buying at the marketplace or crafting them
  3. Explore the fields in search for horses
  4. Aim the Capturing Rope at one of the horses for a chance to start taming them
  5. Throw the lasso to start a taming minigame
  6. Keep playing the minigames and getting close to horses to feed them
  7. Attempt to mount them once they seem calm enough

Finishing the taming minigames doesn’t guarantee that the horse will be tamed, however, so make sure to get spare ropes and sugar.


This is another option, though it’s a tad too complex for the scope of this overall guide. Regardless, this is the only method of getting the higher-tier horses in the game. It’s a complex time-consuming process for advanced players who can tame lots of horses. There are multiple breeding methods.

The first method requires you to have just a female horse. With a female horse, you can go to the Breeding Market at stables. Here you will get a list of candidates for mating and prices you will pay their owner for breeding.

The second method requires to have both a male and a female horse. You don’t need horses to be registered in the same stable but you must be able to register the horse at both stables. Recommended to use the stables at Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel, Altinova or Valencia. You’ll have to register your male horse for the breeding market. Make sure you tick a box that says “Show Me Only”, however. The process then proceeds the same as the first method, but ensuring you pick your own male horse instead.

Finally, the third method. At some stables, there’s an “Exchange Horse” option on the bottom of the screen. Click here and you can choose a male and female horse to exchange for a foal. This is instant and can only be done every 24 hours, but also makes you lose both of the parents. So keep that in mind. There’s a lot more going on mechanically when it comes to breeding, but this should help you get started’

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