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Black Desert: How to Fast Travel

The MMORPG Black Desert features a pretty large world with many locations you will want to go to. This guide will help you traverse it faster.




Getting around the large world of Black Desert is one of the main things you have to get used to. Let’s go over the fastest ways to travel.

How to Fast Travel in Black Desert

Currently, there is no fast travel in Black Desert. At least not in the usual sense. You can’t teleport all over the world at will easily. While this might seem annoying, there are things you can do to alleviate travel times.

Take Advantage of Auto-Pathing

Open up your map and right-click or double-click anywhere. This will set a marker and the game will attempt to move you to the destination. It’s not fast travel by any means, but you can go AFK while you let your character move where you need.

Similar to this, there are towns where you can ride Griffons, Ferries and Balloons. These rides work somewhat similarly to auto-pathing. You simply have to interact with their respective NPC to get started. You can AFK during the travels, just like auto-pathing.

Equip Gear that Boost Movement Speed

Simply put, equip any gear that boosts movement speed. On that note, make sure you stick to roads too as you get a movement speed debuff outside of the main pathways.

Get Better Horses

Since you will no doubt be traveling a lot in Black Desert, your best bet is to get a better horse. The default tier 1 horses and donkeys you can get are rather slow. Taming and breeding are your keys to getting faster higher tier horses. However, these processes can be time-consuming. Alternatively, you can buy good horses from other players, but they might be costly. Still, getting a good horse is very important for traveling.

Use Maps

The closest thing to fast travel available in the game are the Traveler and Archaeologist maps. Traveler Maps are dropped randomly by mothers in different nodes. Monsters killed in the following nodes have a chance of dropping Traveler’s Maps:

  • Desert Naga Temple in Valencia
  • Pila Ku Jail in Valencia
  • Roud Sulfur Works in Valencia
  • Aakman in Valencia
  • Hystria Ruins in Valencia
  • Roud Sulfur Mine in Valencia

Archaeologist maps, on the other hand, must be crafted. The materials required for them are all quite rare, however, so getting one might take a while. These are the materials required and how to obtain them:

  • Archaeologist’s Map Piece 1 and 2: Killing monsters at Roud Sulfur Mine
  • Archaeologist’s Map Piece 3 and 4: Killing monsters at Pila Ku Jail
  • Blood Ruby, Ocean Sapphire, Gold Topaz and Forest Emerald: craft or buy from the central market

Once you have all 8 materials you must place them in your inventory following the following picture:

The Traveler’s Map is a one-time use item. It’s gone after one use. The Archaeologist’s Mpa is an infinite item, however, and can be used as many times as you wish. Both maps have the same function. They both teleport to towns, similar enough to proper fast travel. However, there’s a 6-hour cooldown between teleports, so they’re limited in use.

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