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Airborne Kingdom: Which Skills to Unlock First

Though Airborne Kingdom is not a particularly challenging game, making wrong choices can send you plummeting into the ground if you’re not careful. Here are a few basic skills that should help avoid that.




Running a kingdom is hard as it is, but in Airborne Kingdom, your little country needs to be constantly floating in the air, with a risk of falling down each time you make a bad decision.

Of course, there’s a lot of pressure on you, the ruler, especially during the game’s early hours. So, here are the basic skills you should unlock as fast as possible in Airborne Kingdom.

Which Skills to Unlock First in Airborne Kingdom

Which Skills to Unlock First in Airborne Kingdom

As soon as you get access to the tech tree, your first order of business should be to increase the kingdom’s  coal storage. This is a must-have, since the moment you’ll run out of coal, your kingdom will fall from the sky, and any movement will increase the coal usage. Increasing the storage will allow you to get the most out of every trip.

Stacking Up Houses

Which Skills to Unlock First in Airborne Kingdom

The second skill you’ll need to invest in is stacking up houses. You can do this up to 3 stories, and it will allow you to space out your building better. In Airborne Kingdom, your center kingdom’s center of gravity plays a key role, so every skill that will allow you to place the buildings without messing with the kingdom’s balance is crucial. And speaking of skills like that…

Moving Buildings

Which Skills to Unlock First in Airborne Kingdom

Sometimes, new factors will come into play after you’ve placed some of the buildings. Because of that you should invest in the skill that allows you to move already placed buildings without doubling the resource costs of those buildings. This will prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances.


Which Skills to Unlock First in Airborne Kingdom

Lastly, once you’ve got all the basics covered, you should focus on researching the element of tech tree that uncover structures used to increase the Kingdom’s lift. You’ll be able to have few buildings without those, and your kingdom’s population will also be limited. But first, you should make sure that what you already have is stable enough to float for a while.

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