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Airborne Kingdom: How to Get More Resources

As most city building games, Airborne Kingdom is very resource-heavy. But getting enough for everything might be hard, especially early on in the game. So, here are a few tips on how you can get more resources.




Resource management is the bread and butter of any city-building game. Getting enough to satisfy the needs of your citizens and keep the kingdom afloat can be a challenge.  So, here’s all you need to know about the game’s resources.

How to Get More Resources in Airborne Kingdom

There are a lot of different resources in Airborne Kingdom – most can be divided into Raw Resources, found by exploring the overworld, and Refined Resources, which can be obtained by refining raw resources in special buildings.

There are also two special, recoverable resources – food and water. These can be produced by your citizens and only require special buildings. On top of that there’s Coal and Wood, both of which work similarly to raw materials, but can be used immediately by the player, without refining them.


Airborne Kingdom: How to Get More Resources

Coal is the most important resource in the game, and there are a lot of ways to obtain it. At first, you’ll be fully dependent on the limited Coal Deposits, found on the ground. But as the game progresses, you’ll be able to turn Wood into Coal, using a special building called charcoal hut.


The most basic resource required for most buildings, wood can be gathered from forests around the map. These slowly recover after some time, so you don’t need to worry about running out. To harvest it, you’ll need to allocate your workers to each forest tile you get close too.

Food and Water

Airborne Kingdom: How to Get More Resources

Food can be collected at thickets, while water at oases, but both can also be produced at specific buildings. Both are needed for your citizens to survive, so you should always have a steady supply. Water can be gathered from the air using a water condenser. If you have enough water, you can also use it to grow food on Farms.

Raw and Refined Resources

Airborne Kingdom: How to Get More Resources

Most Raw Resources are needed to be Refined before being usable. Refined resources are used to construct buildings later on in the game. These are:

Clay, refined into Adobe

Quartz, refined into Glass

Iron Ore, refined into Steel 

Cotton, refined into Fabric

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The Cycle Frontier: Beginners Guide to Season 2 | Every Change You Need to Know About

Gear up and know these things before you play





The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter with a space theme comparable to Escape from Tarkov. You will need to scavenge or loot as you explore more hazardous places.

Every time you go exploring, you might want to examine the weather because it will greatly impact you. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the game’s second season.

Beginners Guide to Seasons 2, Every Change You Need to Know About in The Cycle Frontier

You will start at the station, which serves as the center of the Cycle Frontier. The General Store or Stockpile is located below the stairs. The Stockpile contains various items, including utilities, weapons, ammo, armor, consumables, tools, and attachments. From this point, you will set off on your journey through the Cycle Frontier.

Tips and Tricks for The Cycle: Frontier Season 2

You should be aware of the following before playing Cycle Frontier:


The game has a wide variety of bags and backpacks. They need to be outfitted initially. You will see a space icon next to each item. The capacity of your bag is unaffected by the armor and weapons you have loaded.

A heavy-duty backpack with a 350-space capacity is an illustration of a bag. You will become exposed more quickly the more you carry. It will increase the volume of your movement after you have 200 places in your bag. Additionally, this slows down your movement.


Find a weapon that you feel comfortable with by trying them all. You can see its ammunition when you click on a weapon. The AR-55 Autorifle is a superb first weapon for a beginner.


There are two varieties of armor. The common armor has higher protection. Running is an excellent use for tactical armor because it can boost your stamina.


The Weak Stim and the Weak Medkit are the game’s two consumables. Weak Stims are preferable because they have quicker animation. You can use the Weak Medkit when you take a lot of damage.


Different kinds of attachment exist. These attachments must always be checked and ready for you to know where to attach them. For instance, all guns can be equipped with the Angled Foregrip, yet only the DMR and Sniper can use the Marksman Stock.

These two attachments both lessen recoil. Attachments with less recoil are beneficial for automatic rifles. Snipers benefit from attachments for aim-down sights. Shotguns benefit from attachments that are easy to pull off.


The Crafting Station is to the left of the Stockpile. There are only white rarity attachments in the Stockpile.

However, you may create green, blue, and purple rarity attachments in the crafting station. The consumables can also be used to make various grenades.

Utilities, Weapons, Ammo, Armor, Consumables, Tools, Attachments, Muzzle, Optics, Ammo, Stock, Grip, and Materials are all included at the crafting station. The necessary materials for crafting or crafting part of the components will need to be gathered through scavenging.


In the game, there are 3 factions, and each one has its own special quests and weapon to give.

The first faction is the ICA.

The Osiris is the next group.

Lastly, Korolev is the name of the last faction.

You must sell products to the faction market since the regular store does not accept them. As your faction level increases, you can purchase the special weapon that they purchase. The ability to use powerful weapons is unlocked as you level up.

To advance in level, you can complete campaign missions or tasks from the faction leaders. Make campaign missions your top priority as a new player.

Selling materials is another option to get faction points, which is a terrific way to earn money.

These are the special weapons for the Korolev faction. They provide powerful weaponry.

The ICA offers a greater selection of weapons than the other factions.

The Osiris provides cutting-edge armaments.

Campaign missions in Osiris can be completed to earn greater stims as well.


The Den Residences, where you will find your Quarters or hideout, is located beneath the arrivals.

Your quarters can also be upgraded. Aside from the quarter level, there are three upgrades: generators, inventory, and gear printer. Improve your inventory’s capacity as a top priority. Give upgrading the supply crate top priority in the Generator tabs.

Safe Pockets

In the Quarters’ Inventory tab, the safe pocket can be upgraded. In the safe pocket, you can keep grenades or a Keycard.

Supply Crate

The supply crate is in the Quarters. It allows you to collect goods, and the more upgrades you give, the rarer the items you can get.

When you’re good to go, go to the Launch Terminal to begin playing.

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