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Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock Pets

Across the Obelisk is a deck-building game with RPG, strategy, and role-playing elements. You’ll be unlocking ‘pets’ throughout and below we’ll learn how to unlock them all.




There is a total of (8) eight pets that you’ll be able to ‘unlock’ as you naturally progress through the game – each one is unique and offers a specific ability and reward for your party and deck.

How to Unlock Pets in Across the Obelisk: A Complete Guide for All Eight Pets


Unlocking ‘Betty’ can be done on the first map.

The first is the node the “Lost Sheep,” which you can find on the main road. However, you will only obtain Betty if it has a blue node on it. If there’s a grey book in its place, you won’t be able to.

Once you’re on there, select the [Combat] option from the prompt after opening up the “Lost Sheep.” This will enable you to return Betty to her owner. After completing combat, a node will appear with a question mark indicating where you can return her.

From this, out of all the prompts, you can choose [Murder] to kill the owner of Betty and keep her for yourself. You can alternatively ask for gold as [Extortion] or [Accept] for the “legendary golden sheep.”


To obtain Flamy, you’ll need to visit the node marked “Suspicious Hatch: The Hatch” on the map. You’ll notice a couple of options, and an additional forth if you have ‘Cornelius’ with you in your party.

Select the [Enter] – “Jumping on the hatch will break it, the problem will be who will land on their feet” option.

Once inside the hatch, go toward the “Summoning Ritual,” located in the “Summoning Circle” node.

After combat, select the option [Hello… Old Friend…we meet again] if you have Cornelius in your party. As a reward, you’ll receive a scroll which you can take to the mountains via the red portal.

Select the “Stone Table: The Banquet” node to obtain Flamy. Choose the [Accept] option to “Use the scroll and release the Imps.”

This will prompt the [Loot] “Open the chest and decide on Flamy” option once you open the chest.


To obtain Lianta, you need to locate the “Spider Cave” node in the “Spider Lair.”

Once there, select the [Jump] option to enter the cave.

Then, select the “Dead Adventurer: A Narrow Gap” node – this will prompt the “With spiders lurking, you must decide what to do” option set. Select [Enter] to “Take your chances with the gap.”

Alternatively, if you have Grukli in your party, you can select the third option instead.

In the next choice, select [Open] to “Open the mysterious cocoon.”

This will reward you with Lianta, who you can then add to your growing party.


For Mozzy, you will need to head over to “The Mosquito Nest” node in the “Marsh Deeps.”

When prompted, select the [Steal] option to “Dive in the swamp and try to steal an egg.” Next, once successful, you’ll want to use the red portal to get to the mountain and select the node “Lava Cascade: How to boil an egg.”

From the two [Continue] options, pick “Place the egg near the lava to hatch.”

Mozzy will ‘hatch’ and will then be able to be added to your party if you select him.


In order to obtain Oculy, you’ll need to head over to the “Aqueduct” node – you may find this littered with question marks (???????) but as it is an uncommon event, it may appear differently for you. Keep this in mind.

Once there, [Accept] to “take Oculy with you.” This is all you need to do to unlock Oculy.


To unlock Sharpy, you have to go back and visit the “Velcroth Mountains” before venturing to the Marsh. In the very top left-hand corner, find and select the “Harpy Nest: The Harpy Matriarch” node.

You’ll now need to fight off the Harpy boss by selecting the [Combat] “Face the matriarch head-on” option. After defeating her, select the [Loot] option to look for rewards inside the Harpy nest.

Choose any of the available rewards, and you’ll also obtain a ‘Harpy Egg.’

From here, you need to venture to the “Velkaranth Obelisk” node with 800 Gold.

After continuing through, you need to make your way to the Altar at the middle of the map. You will need the 800 gold to pay for the boat trip there. Enter the “Altar” node, and select the [Continue] option for placing the Harpy egg by the Altar.

This will then unlock Sharpy as reward.


In order to gain access to Stormy, you’ll need to complete multiple nodes near the green portal located in the Marsh area.

First is the “Eastern Village: An Empty Village: node. Once there, select the [Look] option to “Look for anything interesting.”

From this area, you’ll obtain ‘Naga Notes.’ You now need to take these to the runes they mention in them.

Take these notes to the “Naga Mural: The Lightening Runes” in the top-left hand corner of the map.

Pick the [Read] option to use the notes to understand the mural. This will unlock Stormy for you.


Slimy can be located near the green portal in the Marsh area. Obtain at least 400 Gold, and find the “Western Village: The Lizardmen Tribe.”

Here you will need to pick to [Buy] “the homemade slime bait” for the aforementioned 400 Gold to bait Slimy.

Then, once you have this head over to “Shore: A Broken Boat” node. You can use a hammer to repair the boat, which can be purchased at the same time as when you bought the slime bait.

Select the option [Repair] to “Take the boards and use the hammer to fix it.”

This will allow you to move onward toward the next node which is: “Cobwebs: A Tough Choice.”

After entering the “Spider Cave,” head to the “Poisonous River: Slimes on the Bridge” node.

Use the slime bait you just purchased to lure the slimes -> [Throw] option.

This will then, finally, unlock Slimy and he can be added to your party!

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