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Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock and Play Sylvie | Sylvie Guide

Archers are great mid-range damage dealers that can detect weakness in enemies and deal extra damage for her team.




Being a scout class character, Sylvie is a great addition to your team composition if you want to deal high damage and her scaling is excellent at dealing damage.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to obtain her, what perks and items to choose and how to play her effectively.

Guide on how to Unlock and Play Sylvie in Across the Obelisk

SYLVIE- She is one of the easiest characters to unlock. You could obtain her in 20 minutes starting the game. To do that, all she needs is the moonstone quest item at the Forest Glade.

Passing through the Glade, you have to battle the moon ritual. After defeating the boss, wait a few seconds and wait for the moonstone to show up. Pick it up and head on to the Owl Guardian in ACT 2 to unlock Sylvie.

Character Overview

Sylvie is Scout Class Character that applies sight stacks and piercing. In building up her perks you should focus on the options for the general tab, physical tab and elemental tab.

For the general perks, you should focus on options that grant her speed and energy for her skills as well as extra sight stacks.

On the physical tab, maximize her sharp so you don’t lose any stacks per turn, and of course, maximize her overall piercing damage.

On the Elemental tab, you should put points on chill and inspire. This is in preparation for your ice shot card that if maxed would give you one slow debuff to your enemy.

Afterwards, head over to the Maniac Mansion in ACT 3 Blue Area and clear the event. When that’s done, Gustav would Join your team.

Items and Passives

Sylvie’s starting item is a Pet. Harley fires at the back enemies dealing with sight stacks as well as bleed. Her passive is called Keen Sight that gives sight stacks on enemies and lowers their piercing resistance making them vulnerable to pierce damage overall.

Deck Building

In Building Her deck, you should get 1 Song of Celerity, 2 Vigilance cards and 1 uproot. On her custom deck, remove 1 rapid fire, 1 multi-shot, 1 ice shot, and 1 camouflage.

Card Upgrades

For card upgrades, focus on maxing camouflage, reduce the cost of all your quick shot cards, and upgrade the song of celerity and uproot cards as well. Max the ice shot cards as well so you can deal 5 chills which together with your perks would apply slow on every shot you make.

For items, focus on gears that grant you additional damage or sight stacks. You could also add items that grant you extra speed or resistance.


When playing Sylvie, you want to burn as many cards as you can to maximize your piercing stacks so you can keep spamming shots. If there are high damage targets, you could focus with them on ice shots to slow them down and deal damage.

Just make sure to team her up with characters that heal and give her as much protection for her to keep building up on dealing damage.

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