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Throne and Liberty: How to Reach from Level 1 to 50 Quickly | Leveling Guide

Learn up in the fastest way possible!




Throne and Liberty features a lot of different quests and other activities for players to do. All of these reward you in one way or the other. The most important reward that everyone wants however, is XP. 

Having more XP allows us to level up the fastest, and who doesn’t want that? We will be going over a few tips and tricks to achieve Level 50 the fastest!

How to Reach from Level 1 to 50 Quickly | Leveling Guide

There are a bunch of different things we will be covering in order to get from level 1 to 50 quickly. We will be going over different quests and contracts. Keep reading to learn more!

Adventure Quests:

The first kind of quest we will be talking about are the Adventure Quests. These are basically the “main” quests, and usually require you to travel and do some activities for completion. Each quest comes with an objective list, which tells you exactly what you need to be doing. 

Adventure Quests in Throne and Liberty

Exploration Quests:

The second type of quest is the Exploration Quest. These act as Throne and Liberty’s version of side quests. These encourage further exploration of the map and want you to do some activities across a few different areas. For instance, you might have to destroy beehives at the farm. Then, you have to kill Wasps in another area.

Exploration Quests in Throne and Liberty

These are sorted depending on their location. Quests in Golden Rye Pastures will have different rewards when compared to quests in the Windhill Shores. Prioritize some areas over others depending on your wants and needs in-game. 

The main way to level up is through the main adventure quests. But eventually, you will hit a cap at Level 43. At this point, you will no longer be unlocking any main quests. Start doing the side quests at this point, as they’re your only means to level up for now. Once you gain a couple of levels, you can start doing the main ones again. 


Contracts are activities that you complete for specific items. For instance, you can get Weapon Growthstones from Weapon Contracts which are used to level up your weapons. Contracts are received from random NPCs. You can start them and get rewards by talking to the Contract Manager.

Contracts in Throne and Liberty

These contracts also reward XP. More importantly, you need to be leveling your gear up so you can take on the harder activities. These harder activities will reward you with the XP you need to level up to your highest potential. 

By doing these quests and some contracts, you’ll be at Level 50 in no time. While the grind can be slow and annoying, being Level 50 will give you a bonus while joining guilds as people are more likely to pick you!

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