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Once Human: How To Switch Worlds

A whole new world!




Every server in Once Human will have a bunch of different Worlds that you can switch between. Once Human uses Worlds as a way to lower the load on its servers, allowing you to have a lot of different players in one server.

That being said, to play with your friends on this game, you will need to be on the same server and same World as them. While the game doesn’t allow you to switch between servers, it does allow you to switch Worlds. We will be looking at how you can do that in this game.

How To Switch Worlds

You can switch between Worlds in Once Human using a Teleportation Tower. When in front of a Teleportation Tower, all you have to do is press the Change to Another World button and chose the world you would like to go to. You can switch over to any World that is present on your server.

Just press the button "Change to another world" when close to a teleportation tower.

There is no limit to how many times you can switch between Worlds. You can also use any Teleportation Tower to switch between worlds. Once you use a Teleportation Tower, it becomes marked on your mini-map. The game also allows you to fast travel from one Teleportation Tower to another. This is an extremely useful feature, as the game’s map is quite big, and fast travel will end up saving you a ton of time.

You can move your base between Worlds in Once Human.

When you switch Worlds, everything except your base will carry over into the new world. To bring your base over, you will need to use the game’s base moving feature. You can learn more about that by checking out our guide on how to move your base in Once Human.

How to Find Teleportation Towers

A Teleportation Tower marker on the mini map.

The best way to find Teleportation Towers is by looking for settlements around the map. Settlements in this game will usually have a bunch of areas of interest nearby, and Teleportation Towers are often found there. You can select any settlement on your minimap to open a description of what you will find there. This will let you know if there is a Teleportation Tower present there.

There are a lot of different Teleportation Towers in this game, and while you only need one to travel between Worlds, Teleportation Towers are usually very useful to unlock as they also allow you to fast travel between them. Find as many as you can and make your life much easier.

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