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Once Human: How To Emote

Want to shrug your shoulders at someone? Check out this guide!




Multiplayer games nowadays have many different ways in which players can communicate with each other, with emotes being one of the most popular ones. Emotes are quick actions that you can perform, and all the players around you can see this action. They are generally going to be a less serious way of communicating with your friends or other players online.

Once Human features a wide array of emotes that players can equip and use. While emotes are supposed to be easy to use, using them can be a bit confusing in Once Human.

How To Emote

You can set emotes through the Cosmetics section from your menu

To use emotes in Once Human, you must first assign them to your emote wheel. You can assign emotes by opening up your backpack menu and selecting Cosmetics. Emotes are called Expressions in this game, and clicking on Expressions will allow you to see all the emotes you have unlocked. You can assign up to 8 different emotes at one time.

Press X on your keyboard to open up the emote wheel.

Once you’ve assigned the emotes you like, you can use them anytime in-game by opening up the emote wheel. The emote wheel can be opened using the X key on your keyboard. Select the emote you would like to perform by selecting it while you are holding X.

How to Unlock Emotes

Once Human has an insanely large collection of emotes that you can use. Most of these emotes are locked by default and to use them, you must first unlock them.

You can go to the event menu by clicking on it through the games pause menu.

To unlock emotes in this game, you will first need to open up the pause menu. From here, select the ongoing event by clicking on it. In our case, the ongoing event is Manibus PvE, as seen in the image above.

Click on the Event Shop icon to access the shop.

After clicking on Manibus PvE, head over to the Season Goals tab. You can find the Season Shop option here, and to open up the Season Shop, you will need to click on it.

You can buy as many emotes as you like using Mitsuko's Mark, an exclusive event currency.

Once the shop is open, you can find all the unlockable emotes by selecting the Poses option from the bard to the left of your screen. All of the emotes here can be bought using a currency called Mitsuko’s Mark. This currency can only be used to unlock items through the Season Shop. After you buy an emote from the Season Shop, you can equip it the same way you equipped other emotes.

How to Get Mitsuko’s Mark

You can get Mitsuko’s Mark’s by completing seasonal challenges. To access these challenges, head on over to the Seasonal Goals section again and select any of the 5 options here.

completing these challenges will reward you with Mitsuko's Mark's

Once you click on one, you will be able to see a bunch of challenges in front of you, and all of these will reward you with a certain amount of Mitsuko’s Mark’s. While there might be a few difficult challenges here, most are going to be very straightforward and easy to complete.

Seasonal events in this game are going to be temporary, and after a certain time, they will be replaced by a new event. Make sure you complete all the challenges and unlock all the items that you want from the Event Shop before it is gone.

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