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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth: Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips and Tricks

Top 7 Tips & Tricks you must know!

Nedim Fetahovic



Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Beginner's Guide | Top Tips and Tricks

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth tips & tricks is something we’ve all been waiting for since the game was first announced. With its release 2 days ago, players were eager to jump in and explore this world of Yakuza and see what has changed since the previous version.

In today’s guide, we’ll give you the top 7 tips & tricks you must know to get started in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Dive into this ultimate beginner’s guide to unlock your full potential, let’s get started!

Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips and Tricks

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth on Steam

1. Secrets

The map in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is absolutely huge. With the action taking place in Japan and the US, be sure there is plenty to explore in both locations. Scattered throughout these locations are collectibles, cooking ingredients, safes, and other goodies players will want to collect as fast as possible.

With this in mind, we can only say…be thorough! Look underneath every rock and inside each crevice to find loot and uncover the secrets of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

2. Invest in Your Gear

Every character in your party has their respective slots for weapons, armor, and other accessories. As is the case with many other games, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a star system that grades your gear as low-tier or high-tier.

As you may have guessed by now, higher-tier gear will allow you to have better stats and be stronger overall thus making it easier to complete fights and challenges. Never neglect your gear!

Gear in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Source: FGS

3. Losing

While the game will not punish you as severely as it did in its previous versions, losing still hurts. Losing will cost you money even though your characters will be revived afterward.

To avoid this, we recommend using the escape option to run away from a fight. Your characters need adequate pace to do this so keep that in mind. It is better to run and fight another day than lose valuable money.

4. Drinks

Drinks are very useful for your progression and fights. Especially early on. Coffee for example will increase the amount of money you get after successfully completing a fight. Other drinks have different bonuses so it is well worth checking these out to maximize your potential.

Drinks and consumables in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

5. Time Your Attacks Properly

Even though the fighting system in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is turn-based, you can still aim to time your attacks perfectly for maximum damage. This is done by pressing the button shown on the screen just before it disappears to deal significantly more damage per hit.

6. Colors

As you run around the map, you will probably notice colors above the heads of certain NPCs. These colors indicate the difficulty level if engaged in combat. The following colors signify difficulty levels:

  • Red – Easy fights
  • Purple – Challenging fights
  • Blue – your local wimps.
Color gradients

7. Roster

Selecting which characters to put in your roster is one of the difficulties everyone wants to have in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Each character has different fighting styles and suitability.

Learn what each character’s advantages are and assign them accordingly. This will allow you to maximize your efficiency and be a tougher opponent overall.

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