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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Level Up Personality

Top 5 ways you can level up your Personality Traits in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth!

Nedim Fetahovic



Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Level Up Personality

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth personalities are one of the key aspects of the game. Leveling them up could mean the difference between success and failure. In total, there are 6 personality traits you can level up. These are Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, and Style.

In today’s guide, we’ll be showing you how to level these up easily and progress faster in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth!

How to Level Up Personality

1. Ounabara Vocational School

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth personalities
Source: Gamers Heroes

The first, and arguably the easiest option for getting bonuses on your personality traits is the Ounabara Vocational School. This school can be found on the western side of Honolulu

Ounabara Vocational School location

Do keep in mind that when you first come here, there will be a sub-story to it which you will need to complete to be able to use this school. Once you do this, however, you can enter the school and take a series of tests.

There will be a total of 10 questions. If you get at least 3 questions right, you will get a huge bonus on your personality traits. Worth checking out!

We recommend progressing through the first few levels before trying this out because of the cost of the Vocational School.

2. Drink Links

The next method of boosting your personality traits is via the Drink Link challenges. For this, you need to go to your Bond Menu. In essence, as you travel through the map, you will find new conversational points that you can engage in. Do enough of these, and you will eventually get what’s called a Drink Link.

Drink Links are events that must be unlocked after enough of the aforementioned conversations, and completing them will give you conversational choices that if answered correctly, will give you certain personality bonuses.

Drink Links Menu

3. Mini-games

One of the more intriguing mini-games that you can play in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is called Miss Match. In essence, this is their version of Tinder. Match as many profiles as you can and engage in certain activities to significantly increase some of your personality traits.

Have fun and don’t let anyone walk in on you during these mini-games!

4. Greeting randoms

The Aloha wave is the option you get when you first arrive in Hawaii. It allows you to greet random citizens giving you a small personality bonus each time you do. Do it enough times, and the bonuses will stack. Easy and simple, yet very effective in the long run.

The Aloha wave

5. Personality challenges

Last but not least, we have the personality challenges menu. Here you will find over 100 challenges to complete, each one giving you a certain bonus for a specific personality trait. This is a great way of fine-tuning your character as you see fit.

Additionally, there are very easy challenges to complete early on so it is definitely something worth checking out!

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