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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to Unlock Jobs

Dont like your job? Just change your profession.




In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Jobs is an essential part of the game. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more jobs. So what are jobs and how exactly do you unlock them?

We will be answering both of those questions and highlighting some of the best jobs for you to unlock first in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How to Unlock Jobs

Different characters in the game

Jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth acts as different classes for your character. Each job in the game comes with its own benefits and abilities.

You can unlock jobs throughout the game, but you first gain access to switching jobs and unlocking them in Chapter 5 of the game. In Chapter 5, you get to visit Alo-Happy Tours in Hawaii, after which you can unlock various jobs.

Other than gaining access to a new job, you also get additional benefits from unlocking that job. In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you have a bond with each character. Unlocking more jobs and playing with a character increases that bond. Your bond with your character also gives you access to new useful skills.

Each job in the game has a personality requirement. To unlock a job, you have to meet the personality requirement. Other than that, the job might also have a cost, or require you to do some specific task.

Best Jobs to Unlock

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth allows you to unlock a lot of various jobs for your characters. Here are some unique jobs you can unlock for your characters in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


a sujimon in battle

The Sujimancer is no doubt one of the weirdest jobs you can get in the game. This job gives you the ability to summon Sujimons to fight for you. Sujimon’s are pretty much human Pokemons.

To unlock this job you have to progress the Sujimon League quest which you get access to in Chapter 4. Eventually, in that quest, you will be able to fight a trainer, which will unlock the job


the pop star job

For anyone wanting to become a pop star in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, The Idol job allows you to fulfill that want.

The Idol job is one of the jobs that you will automatically unlock through progressing the game. You gain access to this job in Chapter 8 when you return to Japan in the game.

The Idol is a female-only job, so it is only available to be used on a female character.


the kunoichi job

In complete contrast to the last job, The Kunoichi job allows you to become a female ninja assassin. Alongside the cool outfit, this job is fully based on speed. You gain max speed when using this job.

You can unlock this job by taking the “Yoga at the Shore” tour from the tours section at Alo-Happy Tours.


the aquanut job

The “Diving Tour” from Alo-Happy Tours allows you to unlock the Aquanaut job.

This is one of the first jobs you will be able to unlock once you gain the ability to unlock Jobs at Alo-Happy Tours.

A well-rounded job, The Aquanaut gives you a very versatile job that has good stats all around.

These are only some of the jobs you can unlock. Progress through the story and go through the various tours at Alo-Happy Tours to gain access to more unique and exciting jobs.

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