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Best Strategies to Use in Age of Wonders 4

Learn about the strategies that can lead to victory in this game!




Age of Wonders 4 has a variety of strategies for you to reach victory, each one fulfilling a different win condition.

In this guide, we’ll detail the 3 main victory strategies that you can employ.

Might Makes Right

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official YouTube Channel

This is the strategy that will lead to a Military Victory.

You will need to take out every enemy faction, so the strategy is to focus on having a mighty army!

Note that defeated leaders aren’t out of the game entirely, though. They are sent to the Astral Void temporarily first. They will reappear in their Throne City after some time passes, as long as it’s unoccupied.

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official YouTube Channel

Siege the enemies’ Throne Cities, send their rules to the Astral Void, and capture the city itself to prevent them from coming back.

You will be awarded the Military Victory once you’ve done this for every enemy faction in the match.

Control the World

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official YouTube Channel

A somewhat more peaceful strategy, this is what you will do to get an Expansion Victory.

All you need to do is to expand your empire to bring enough provinces under your banner. The methods you use to do this don’t really matter, you can be as peaceful or as violent as you wish.

You will unlock the Beacons of Unity once you have enough provinces. Build them in three different cities, light them up, and defend them for 15 turns.

Even though you most likely won’t be laying siege to enemy empires constantly, you will still need to have a mighty army to defend the beacons.

Rule Over the Mystical

Focusing on magic is a valid strategy that leads to the Magic Victory.

You will need to focus on knowledge and research to unlock the Seed, Root, and Heart nodes. They are unlocked with Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 Tomes of your main magical affinity.

Once you’ve gained knowledge about these nodes, build all of them to unlock the victory spell. Cast this spell successfully to revel in an age of magic, earning your victory!

However, the spell takes 15 turns to cast and enemies will appear to stop you. Don’t let them break any of your nodes, as it will cancel the spell.

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