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Warframe: All the Secrets in Dormizone You Should Know About

The Dormizone is a new addition to Warframe via its Angels of Zariman update. It’s basically a resting place for you to cozy up as you journey through the Zariman Ten Zero.




The Angels of Zariman update brought forth a handful of new and exciting additions to the game, one of which is the Dormizone. It’s basically a resting place that you can decorate and cozy up while you’re on a journey through Zariman Ten Zero. This means you can place new fashion items into it however you like, particularly the new Zariman-themed stuff.

Of course, as with new additions, the Dormizone holds secrets you might not know yet. Let’s find out what these are.

All the Secrets in Dormizone You Should Know About in Warframe

First off, you can access the Dormizone via the Star Chart and hover over to Zariman. Alternatively, you can also access it via the elevator that’s located in the Chrysalith. Now, let’s have a look at what secrets it has to offer.


There are five different sections of the Dormizone, and the very first section you can come across is the lobby. It’s a wide space without a lot of stuff going on it, making it easier for you to decorate to your heart’s content.

As you explore the lobby, you’ll come across a railing that overlooks the lower lobby. In this railing are three consoles, with one of them containing text that translates to “soil purification in progress”. There’s not much information about this yet, but it could possibly hint at a future expansion.

Lower Lobby

As mentioned, you can find the lower lobby just right under the railing. The only problem is that there’s no way of getting into it yet. It’s just a plain area with nothing going on except for a few trees. It could possibly be the area where farm plots might be located after that “soil purification in progress” thing is complete.

Dining Room

Just next to the lobby is the dining room. Similar to the lobby, it doesn’t have anything in it yet. One nifty thing when decorating the room is that when you go into Decoration mode, you can actually remove most of the stuff inside the room. In others, all those stuff lying around are actually decorations that you can arrange later on.


The bedroom is quite an open and clean room with plenty of space where you can place decorations on. Another thing in this room is that there’s an easter egg in one of the doors wherein if you switch into Drifter mode, you’ll then notice Teshin’s swords at the side of the door.

Vista Suite

This area is where you can change the background skybox as well as the music, making for some really cool personalization. It has 1,600 capacity which is pretty huge and can even display up to four different Warframes.

However, this room can’t be accessed as of yet until you get max rank in the Zariman faction so you can buy the key that will unlock this specific room.

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