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How Fast Do Waveplates Replenish In Wuthering Waves?

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Waveplates in Wuthering Waves work pretty much the same as the stamina system that can be found in other similar games. In games like Wuthering Waves, stamina is often a very useful resource as there are specific actions that can only be done using stamina.

Unlike a lot of other resources in Wuthering Waves, Waveplates will automatically replenish over time. This means that to get Waveplates, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the Waveplates to fill themselves up.

So, at what rate do Waveplates replenish in Wuthering Waves?

How Fast Do Waveplates Replenish

It takes 24 hours to get 240 Waveplates, and 240 is the maximum amount you can hold at a time. In terms of hours, you will replenish 10 Waveplates every hour.

You can always see how many Waveplates you currently have at the top of your menu.

240 Waveplates are a pretty good amount for one day, as you can complete a lot of actions wth it. For example, you can perform a total of 4 Echo boss fights using 240 Waveplates. Each fight will take 60 Waveplates to initiate. You can learn more about fighting Echos by checking out our guide on Echo farming in Wuthering Waves.

As Echos automatically replenish over time, spend as much as possible. There is no point saving Waveplates in Wuthering Waves. Do make sure though that you are spending the Waveplates smartly. Early on for example, using Waveplates for boss fights will be much more effective than Simulation training. Optimizing your spending will allow you to get the most out of your Waveplates every day.

Other Ways to Replenish Waveplates

If you happen to run out of Waveplates, you don’t have to necessarily wait for them as there are 2 other ways to get Waveplates in Wuthering Waves.

The Crystal Solvent consumable that you can use to instantly get 60 Waveplates.

The first way is through Crystal Solvents. Consuming a Crystal Solven will replenish 60 Waveplates, which is 6 hours worth of Waveplates. These items are 4-star rarity, so they can be quite rare to come by.

The other way you can get Waveplates is through Asterite. Asterite is one of the most valuable resources you can get in Wuthering Waves and it has several different uses. While it can be used to get Waveplates, its better to use your Asterite for other things, especially if you are a F2P.

Both the Crystal Solvent and Asterite will instantly get you Waveplates. If you are starting out in the game, it’s best to just wait for the Waveplaters to replenish automatically. Both these resources are pretty useful and you should only use them when you absolutely have to.

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