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Where to Find the Sea Monster in Skull and Bones (Kuharibu)

There’s more than just pirates out at sea, it seems…




Skull and Bones has a few strong bosses for you to find, but none other is more daunting than the fearsome Sea Monster, Kuharibu. But that’s what makes hunting it so enticing!

This hulking sea creature seems to be some sort of dinosaur, and it’s quite an aggressive one at that. Its brutal slams can sink your ship in seconds, but killing it will yield very generous rewards.

If you wish to take on this challenging hunt, read on. We’ll tell you where to find the fearsome Kuharibu Sea Monster, how to fight it, and what rewards you can get from it.

Kuharibu World Boss Location

Where to Find the Sea Monster in Skull and Bones | Location & Rewards - From the Deep Contract

To find the Sea Monster, Kuharibu, you will first need to get to Ship Rank 5 by upgrading your ship at the Shipwright. Hunt down blueprints for equipment, and hunt down the materials to make them!

Once you reach Ship Rank 5, you should see the “Whispers of the Deep” Strange Sighting at the Lanitra outpost on the Angaya Coast, near the Red Isle.

Lanitra location

Head there and find the Sea People Huntmaster in the camp by the beach. Speak to him and he will offer you the “From the Deep” Contract.

You can take on this Contract once per real-world day, so you’re limited on how many times you can face Kuharibu each day. You can join others who take on the Contract in co-op to give you more chances per day.

Steel yourself and take the Contract when you’re ready!

From the Deep location

With the “From the Deep” Contract active, head to the north of Lanitra to reach the Western Basin. The quest marker for the Contract will let you know where the Kuharibu Sea Monster is.

Fighting the Sea Monster Kuharibu

As soon as you approach it, the boss battle will begin. We highly recommend calling for help or bringing some friends for this fight!

The Kuharibu will frequently try to ram your ship, sometimes diving underwater before trying to leap onto your ship. Thanks to its massive size, every single one of its attacks can spell doom for your vessel!

Kuharibu rams the ship

We highly recommend bringing a speedy ship, such as the Hullbreaker Brigantine, and also making sure you have the best weapons at the ready.

Try to circle around it to avoid its charging attacks while shooting at its eyes, which are its one weakspot. Keep at it and you should smite this dangerous beast and claim your rewards!

Rewards for Defeating the Kuharibu Sea Monster

Kuharibu's rewards

Upon defeating the Kuharibu, you can get up to four different unique rewards:

  • Kuharibu’s Eye – A trophy of sorts, you only get it the first time you defeat the Kuharibu Sea Monster. Turn it in to the Sea People Huntmaster for 600 Silver.
  • Monstrous Flesh – A food material that you can use to make Tylosaurus Steak and Mchuzi wa Kuharibu, which are top-tier meals.
  • Monstrous Tooth – This is a special boss currency. You can trade it for extra rewards by talking to the Sea People Huntmaster.
  • Monstrous Scale – A special crafting material, required for some of the blueprints sold by the Sea People Huntmaster.

You will mostly want to rematch the Kuharibu for its Monstrous Teeth and Scales, considering their use as currency and materials.

Trading for the Ouroboros blueprint

Just talk to the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra to trade the teeth for the following items:

  • Mysterious Chest (Randomized Treasure Chest) – 50 Monstrous Tooth
  • Beast Hunter’s Hat (Cosmetic) – 15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Ocean King’s Top (Cosmetic) – 20 Monstrous Tooth
  • Escapist’s Eyepatch (Cosmetic) – 10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Wrappings of the Deep (Cosmetic) – 10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Seascale Belt (Cosmetic) – 10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Pants of Tumult (Cosmetic) – 15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Sea Butcher’s Boots (Cosmetic) – 15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Mchuzi wa Kuharibu (Cooking Recipe) – 10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Great Springald III (Weapon Blueprint) – 30 Monstrous Tooth
  • Ouroboros (Armor Blueprint) – 50 Monstrous Tooth

We highly recommend saving for the Ouroboros first of all, as its high defense and Restoration perk will make your ship nearly unsinkable!

But well, now you know how to find the Sea Monster Kuharibu and what rewards you can get from it. The rest is up to you, matey, but we wish you good hunting out there!

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