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Best Weapons to Use in Skull and Bones

Man the cannons, mateys!




You can arm your ships in Skull and Bones with a lot of different weapons, but the fierce competition in the vast seas means you should only use the best weapons possible.

The seas aren’t kind, and neither are the other sailors and pirates you will face. Make sure to gear up to defend yourself, lest your vessel be wrecked and looted for all its worth.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what the best weapons are for each slot on your ship.

Best Weapons in Skull and Bones

Best Weapons to Use in Skull and Bones

The best weapons to focus on in Skull and Bones are Bombards, Demi-Cannons, Ballistae, and Mortars. They each have a different slot in your ship, and these are the best in each category!

But let’s take it from the top and describe why these weapons are so good to earn their spot.


Bombards, which are a Top Deck weapon, might be the best overall weapons in the entire game. Their fantastic range, huge Area of Effect, and insane damage all work together to make them truly devastating.

Bombards in use

In fact, they’re so good that we wouldn’t be surprised if they got nerfed sometime down the line. So, let’s enjoy them while they last, arr!


To accompany your Top Deck Bombards, you should have Demi-Cannons as your Deck weapons. These broadside cannons are devastating at close range, as you can fire a large number of rounds in one go.

If you like to get up close and personal, Demi-Cannons are your best bet.

Bow Weapons

For the Bow weapons, you want to pick Ballistae. They’re not quite as flashy as the Sea Fire weapons, like the Blue Specter flamethrower, but they make up for it with high damage in medium-range encounters.

Aiming the Ballista

You can fire Ballistae fairly quickly, too, so they’re a great source of DPS.


Lastly, Mortars are the best Auxiliary weapon. However, Auxiliary weapons are only available to medium-sized ships such as the Hullbreaker Brigandine.

They work similarly to Bombards, though. You get to fire an arching projectile at long ranges, which deals devastating Area of Effect damage when it lands. Perfect for ships that are grouped close together!

So, with all of that said, those are the best weapons you can use in Skull and Bones. Now, go out there and wreck some ships!

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