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Skull and Bones: How to Get the Blue Specter Cannon (Flamethrower)

Use the blue flames of eternal damnation against your foes!




Skull and Bones has many unique pieces of gear for you to find, such as the Blue Specter flamethrower cannon.

This powerful and extremely cool-looking weapon can be equipped to your ship’s bow. Fire away to unleash a stream of phantasmal fire that deals extremely high damage to anyone in your way!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get your hands on this amazing weapon.

How to Get the Blue Specter Cannon – Phantom Flamethrower

Skull and Bones: How to Get the Blue Specter Cannon (Flamethrower) - Oceans Apart Contract

The Blue Specter cannon can only be obtained as a drop from the Maangodin ghost ship battle. This phantasmal ship only appears at night as part of the “Oceans Apart” Contract.

The Oubliette outpost location

To start the contract, speak to the Mysterious Rogue at The Oubliette outpost. It’s southeast of Saint-Anne, in the Port l’Hermine region.

You will need a Rank 5 ship to be able to initiate the Contract, as well.

Oceans Apart location

Once you take on the Contract, go east of The Oubliette to face off against the Maangodin ghost ship. We highly recommend that you group up with other players to take on this powerful foe!

Make sure to stick to its sides as much as possible, as the Maangodin has the Blue Specter flamethrower.

You’re here to get the flamethrower yourself, but you don’t want to get burned to ashes by it, right?

Fighting the Maangodin Ghost Ship

Also, the Maangodin will only take damage when you hit its weakspots. It’s otherwise invulnerable, so you need to be careful with your aim. Make every shot count!

Fighting the Maangodin Ghost Ship

It’s also a good idea to keep your ears peeled for the ghastly wails coming from the ship. It will sometimes disappear and reappear, and the wails can help you predict its next location.

Lucky drop of the Blue Specter after killing the Maangodin

Once you defeat the Maangodin for the first time, you will get a random set of rewards. Sometimes, you might just get lucky enough to get the Blue Specter cannon itself, saving you time!

It’s worth noting that mounting the Maangodin is not required to get the Blue Specter. You do get extra loot for it, though.

Nonetheless, if you got the Blue Specter, congratulations! Don’t forget to return to The Oubliette to claim the rewards for the Contract as well.

If you got unlucky and didn’t get the Blue Specter already, though, keep reading.

Blue Specter Blueprint and Rematching the Maangodin

Blue Specter Weapon Blueprint

If you were unlucky enough to not get the Blue Specter as a drop from the Maangodin the first time around, you will probably want to aim for the Blue Specter blueprint.

You can buy the Blue Specter blueprint from the Mysterious Rouge at The Oubliette. Yup, the same one that gave you the “Oceans Apart” Contract to begin with!

However, you will require 50 Ethereal Ashes to purchase it. You can get Ethereal Ashes from defeating the Maangodin, with each victory giving you a somewhat random amount of the currency.

Fighting the Maangodin Ghost Ship

Of course, crafting the blueprint will also require a variety of resources. It just never ends, huh?

Anyway, to find the Maangodin again outside the Contract, you will simply have to sail around at night. It becomes a randomly spawning World Boss after your first victory, but it only ever spawns at night!

It’s also a good idea to check back with the Mysterious Rogue every now and then. Some players report that they are able to redo the “Oceans Apart” Contract daily, making it easier to find the Maangodin.

Fighting the Maangodin Ghost Ship

By the same token, though, other players report that they never get the chance to replay the Contract. It’s unknown why this is the case, or if it’s simply a bug of some sort. Yet another mystery!

Nonetheless, your goal now is to simply hunt down the Maangodin.

Keep at it until you either get enough Ethereal Ashes to buy the Blue Specter blueprint or get lucky enough to get the flamethrower cannon as a random drop. We’ll be wishing you the best of luck, Cap’n!

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