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How to Get the Fastest Ship in Skull and Bones (Hullbreaker Brigantine)

There are no motorboats, so this will have to do…




The Hullbreaker Brigantine the fastest ship you can possibly get in Skull and Bones, making it the best way to sail the seas quickly.

The Brigantine isn’t just fast, though, it’s also surprisingly durable since it’s still a medium-weight class ship. It’s easy to see why it quickly became a fan favorite!

Read on and we’ll tell you how to get this speedy and sturdy vessel for yourself.

How to Get Hullbreaker Brigantine Blueprint

How to Get the Fastest Ship in Skull and Bones (Hullbreaker Brigantine)

Like the majority of ships in Skull and Bones, the Hullbreaker Brigantine can only be obtained via crafting. Which, of course, means your first goal is to hunt down its ship blueprint.

But not so fast, matey, you must first make sure that you are infamous enough! The Hullbreaker Brigantine ship blueprint only becomes available once you reach the “Cutthroat” Infamy Rank.

Ruined Lighthouse location

Once you reach the required Infamy Rank, you just need to head to the Ruined Lighthouse outpost. It’s far to the southeast of Saint-Anne, in the middle of the East Indies.

Corrupt DMC Officer

At the Ruined Lighthouse, look for the Corrupt DMC Officer. He should be to your left as soon as you disembark at the outpost, near the shore.

Speak with him and choose to peruse his wares and you will find the Hullbreaker Brigantine ship blueprint. It costs a whopping 15840 Silver, so make sure you’ve got enough money!

Additionally, you will need the following resources to craft the Hullbreaker Brigantine at the Shipwright:

  • Roselle Cloth x14
  • Greenheart Plank x13
  • Magnetite Ingot x12
  • Shellac x4
  • Crude Saltpeter x4
  • Sheet Glass x2
  • Torsion Spring x2
  • Silver x8640
Brigantine Ship Blueprint for sale

Considering that you will need to pay 8640 Silver to the Shipwright to craft the ship, you will need a total of 24480 Silver to get the ship. That sure hurts the ol’ coin pouch, but the vessel is worth it for sure!

If you need help finding the materials, feel free to peruse our guide on how to find every resource in the game.

With all that said, now you know everything you need to be able to get the fastest and sturdiest ship in Skull and Bones!

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