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The Cycle Frontier: Letium Bio Samples Location | Research Costs Part 5

The Research Costs is a series of quests consisting of 9 parts. Part 5 will task you with finding Letium Bio Samples which can be found in various locations.




Part 5 of the Research Costs quest involves you looking for 5 Letium Bio samples scattered throughout a specific location on the Bright Sands map. If you haven’t done this quest yet and are struggling to find all 5 samples, this guide will help you.

Letium Bio Samples Location in The Cycle Frontier

As soon as you start Part 5 of the Research Costs quest,  you have to head over to the Waterfall Lab. You can find this location on the northeastern part of the map, just below the waterfall and above the lake.

Once inside, you’ll then be tasked with finding 5 Letium Bio samples. Luckily, you don’t need to go far since you can find all 5 samples within the area. You can find these samples in certain spots around the Waterfall Lab, and their locations are as follows:

  • You can find one sitting on the shelves
  • Another one is on the left side of an operating chair
  • One is right on top of the front desk
  • One is on the upper floors just within the research room
  • The last one is in the next room hidden inside a container

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