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Sword Art Online: Fruit of Diligence Location

Claim this mysterious fruit for the “Sandstorms and the Wind Seal” quest.




The Fruit of Diligence is one of the many items you’ll be tasked with obtaining as you complete quests in Sword Art Online: Last Recollection.

Its location is completely unmarked on your map, though! You just have a vague idea of its general area, but no knowledge of the exact spot.

Tired of combing the windy desert? Read on and we’ll tell you the exact location of the Fruit of Diligence!

Where to Find the Fruit of Diligence in Sword Art Online: Last Recollection

Source: PerfectParadox

The Fruit of Diligence is part of the “Sandstorms and the Wind Seal” quest and it can only be found after you acquire the Seal of the Windfolk.

This seal allows you to just run past the tornadoes in the Eastern Gate Area Resting Cornerstone – WIndfolk’s Ruins area. What a name, huh?

You should already have the seal if you’re seeking the fruit, as well. After all, you get it earlier in the same quest!

So, with the seal in your possession and the objective to find the Fruit of Diligence active, head to the Windfolk’s Ruins.

The Fruit of Diligence is found on the eastern side of the area, which is marked on the image above.

Getting there is quite easy, as the path is completely open. You just need to follow the trail on the map and approach the marked spot.

Even enemies should pose no threat to you at this point in the quest, so you can just run past them if you don’t wish to engage in combat. No need to waste time on trash mobs.

Follow the path to the marked spot on the map. You’ll find a huge tornado once you get there, but with the seal in your possession, this isn’t a threat either!

Waltz right through the tornado and you’ll come face to face with a strange tree that holds a single glowing fruit.

As you might’ve guessed by now, this is the Fruit of diligence you seek! Approach the tree and a cutscene will play out. Just sit and watch the events unfold.

That’s all there is to finding and grabbing the Fruit of Diligence in Sword Art Online: Last Recollection! It was just sitting there all along, protected by the winds…

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