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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Exile Jacket Location

Customize Cal by finding and unlocking this spiffy jacket!




The Exile Jacket is one of the dozens of pieces of equipment you can find as you explore the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Clothes provide no gameplay benefits of any sort in this game, but they do allow you to personalize Cal during your playthrough.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Exile Jacket so that you can expand your customization options.

How to Get the Exile Jacket in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Source: Lootward

You can find the Exile Jacket in Cere’s Base region of Jedha near the Veiled Hangar. You don’t need any particular abilities to reach it; you just need access to the area.

Start from the Meditation Point in The Archive and go out the closest door. It’s the one that’s somewhat triangle-shaped next to the Meditation Point itself.

Source: Lootward

Turn left and take the elevator up to the Desert Passages. Go

to the door that’s right in front of you as you exit the elevator, and then take a right once you reach the next large room.

Open the door and go out into the desert area. You should see a crashed ship in front of you, in a small pass between two rocky formations. Climb the formation to the right of the ship.

Source: Lootward

Head straight ahead as soon as you’ve climbed up. You should eventually see a small ledge to your left. Jump onto this ledge.

Now, keep moving along the ledge until you’re at the edge of a cliff and you should come across a lone chest. Open this chest and you will get the Exile Jacket! You can now equip it anytime.

Remember that this equipment is purely cosmetic, so it has no statistical benefits. Still, it looks quite nice as it makes Cal look cooler!

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