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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Commander Jacket Colors Location

Expand your customization options by changing this jacket’s colors.




You can get loads of clothes to customize Cal’s appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can also get Materials for each piece of clothing which allows you to change their colors.

One good example is the Commander set which consists of a Jacket, a Shirt, and Pants. The Jacket and Pants have Materials available to customize them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get your hands on the Material for the Commander Jacket!

Where to Get the Commander Jacket Material Colors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Source: Lootward

You can find the colors Material for the Commander Jacket in the Loading Gantry which is in the Viscid Bog region of Koboh. We’ll start from the Hangar Rafters Meditation Point.

You will need the ability to Air Dash and the ability to pass through green barriers.

Source: Lootward

Once you’re at the Meditation Point, look for an exit with a grapple point above it. Ignore the grapple, but go through the exit and air dash across the gap.

Go down the corridor and take the window directly to your right. Jump across to the blue metal mesh ahead and then jump through the green barrier.

Source: Lootward

Be ready to face Bedlam Raiders, though you can also just flee if you’re quick enough.

Climb the blue metal sheet in the room right next to the green barrier you came through. Take the exit to the right of this wall, go through the barrier, and wall run across the metallic wall.

Make your way up the blue walls after the wall run. You will find a chest inside of you and a door to your left. Open the chest if you want and then go through the door.

You’ll need to do a series of wall runs until you reach a well-lit platform with a chest. Open this chest to get the Material for the Commander Jacket to customize its colors!

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