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Star Wards Jedi: Survivor – All Renovation Site 4733 Databanks Locations

Collect all the databanks that you can find in Renovation Site 4733.




Databanks are one of the many collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They will count toward your overall completion, so if you’re aiming to platinum the game, then you should collect all of them.

That said, databanks are scattered across the many planets in the game. Moreover, each planet will have a different type of databank you can collect.

In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the databanks you can find in Renovation Site 4733.

Where to Find All Renovation Site 4733 Databanks in Star Wards Jedi: Survivor

Renovation Site 4733 is one of the areas you can find in the Coruscant Undercity on the Coruscant planet.  The game will take you to this area during one of its main quests.

In this area, you will be able to find a total of 9 collectibles. However, only four of them are databanks which we’ll be focusing on.

To find all of the databanks, simply head to the following locations:

Local Directory

Source: Sipder

The first databank we’ll be looking for is the Local Directory. To find it, simply head to the area with the Meditation Point. Use the image above for reference.

Once you get there, look for the terminal on the left side of the stairs. Get close to it and it will give you the option to have BD-1 scan it. Simply press the hotkey to initiate the scan.

After that, you will then be able to collect the Local Directory databank.

Desi’s Noodles

Source: Sipder

The next databank is called Desi’s Noodles which you can find inside of a bar. To get there, you want to start from the Meditation Point and then climb up the stairs nearby.

You’ll find a colorful billboard at the top. Run through that wall to get to the other side then go down the stairs. At the bottom, you should be able to find the entrance to the door.

Open the door and get inside the bar. Go to the counter and let BD-1 scan it to collect the second databank.

Abandoned Shop

Source: Sipder

The Abandoned Shop databank is located a bit further. To get there, you should first follow the objective until you come across a broken stair on the left side that leads downward.

Jump across the stair to get to the other side. After that, enter the door on the left to find a Sense Echo that you can interact with. You’ll then get the databank after.

Ascension Cable

The last one is the Ascension Cable databank which you can find after you have progressed through the area.

Eventually, you will come across a gap in the wall that you have to squeeze through. A security droid called K-405 will be waiting for you at the end.

Take down this mini-boss then head to the pile of junk in the corner. Examine it to find the final databank.

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