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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Unlock the Red Lightsaber Crystal

Wield the red lightsaber and feel a bit of yourself leaning to the Dark Side!




Even if the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, isn’t totally on the dark side, nothing’s actually stopping you from at least playing the part in the game.

What we’re talking about is the fact that you can actually wield a red lightsaber.

If you’re tired of the standard blue lightsaber that you use throughout the entirety of the game, it’s about time to switch things up with the red one.

But to do so, you need to unlock the red lightsaber crystal first. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Unlock the Red Lightsaber Crystal in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: Gamers Heroes

Getting the red lightsaber crystal is actually quite easy, though it’s also hard at the same time. As of this writing, the only way to get it is to complete the game’s main story by beating the final boss.

We won’t venture into the spoiler territory here. The only thing that you should know is that once you see the post-credit scene, the game will then prompt you to start New Journey+.

In case you’re wondering, New Journey+ is basically the New Game+ mode similar to most other games. This means you have to play the entire campaign again, except this time, you’ll gain access to a handful of new content as well.

As far as we know, aside from the red lightsaber crystal, you also gain access to the following:

  • Three completely new Perks
  • All Lightsaber Stances unlocked
  • Refunded Skill Points
  • All new abilities reset
Source: Charlie Intel

All these new additions aim to add replayability to the game, especially with the Warrior Perk which replaces standard enemies with more difficult ones.

This is perfect if you’re looking for an even tougher challenge. It gets even better once you wield a red lightsaber as you slice your way through enemies all the way to the ending.

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