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Skull and Bones: Caradec’s Bounty Map Location

Get your bounty rewarded!




There’s a lot of bounties you can take up in Skull and Bones. They all come with unique rewards but first, you need to find them. They’re distributed at seemingly random locations all around the world. 

It can be hard to find some specific ones, such as Caradec’s Bounty Map. We’ve got you covered though, with our guide to the location for the bounty map!

Caradec’s Bounty Map Location

To find Caradec’s Bounty, we need to find its location on the map. Speaking of maps, you should be looking out for treasure maps while playing as well. 

It can be found on the “Royal Burial Ground”, next to the Reef Sea. We’ve highlighted it below for your convenience. 

Royal Burial Ground in Skull and Bones

Once here, you need to look for an archway of sorts made out of rough stone. Pass through this archway and you’ll be right where you need to be to find the Caradec’s Bounty.

Stone Archway in Skull and Bones

You’ll spot a white X and show a prompt to dig up the treasure chest. Dig it up to receive your rewards. 

X Marks the Spot in Skull and Bones

Among the rewards of your treasure are:

  • 2 Brandy
  • Letter of Marque
  • Caradec’s Bounty

Among these items, what we really needed was the Caradac’s Bounty. You should be able to access the bounty and make use of it now. 

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