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Skull and Bones: How to Get Acacia Tree Location

Looking to make yourself an Acacia wooden leg?




To get Acacia Wood in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to chop down an Acacia tree! It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that, does it, matey?

The issue, of course, is finding the rotten trees to begin with. Trying to find a specific type of tree out in the world is like trying to find a sober pirate at a pub…

But, thankfully, you’ve got us as your navigators! We’ll tell you exactly where you need to go to find these flappin’ Acacia trees with ease.

How to Get Acacia – Acacia Tree Location

To be able to get Acacia Wood from Acacia Trees, you will first need to get a Saw. You will get one as part of the tutorial quest “Tools of the Trade” in Sainte-Anne.

Once you’ve gotten the Saw as part of the tutorial, you can start sawing and harvesting the Acacia trees. If you’re still in Saint-Anne, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to go too far!

There are at least 2 Acacia trees straight north of the Saint-Anne hub. They are marked with tree icons, as shown above. You’ll need to enter the island from the eastern side to reach these, though.

Once you decide which tree you want to go to, it’s a good idea to use the map’s Mark function. Its prompt is somewhere on the bottom of the screen. It’ll make it a lot easier to spot the tree from afar!

You can spot Acacia trees along the shore of the various islands thanks to their incredibly bright green leaves. They stand out particularly well at night.

Just approach the tree near the shore and the prompt to start harvesting will appear, matey! Press it to initiate a wood-cutting minigame.

You’ll see an icon representing your saw moving from left to right, cutting the tree. All you have to do is press the button shown on the screen in time with the saw icon.

Press right when the arrow at the top of the saw points to the green part to gather more Acacia Wood! Repeat it until the trees are fully cut down and you’re all done.

If you need more Acacia Wood, you’ll just have to move on to another set of Acacia trees. Just hope other sea-faring players don’t plunder them before you do!

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