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Skull and Bones: Relics of the Past Treasure Map Solution

X marks the spot isn’t enough of a clue!




In good ol’ pirate fashion, Skull and Bones will require you to find the solution to various treasure maps, and such is the case for the Relics of the Past treasure map.

Sure, “X marks the spot” and all that, but the world is too vast to figure out where the spot even is. Nonetheless, finding these old relics for the Sea People is well worth the effort!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you exactly where you need to go to solve the treasure map for the “Relics of the Past” quest.

Relics of the Past Treasure Map Solution

Skull and Bones: Relics of the Past Treasure Map Solution - Vorona Falls

You can start the “Relics of the Past” contract from the Job Board in Sainte-Anne. You then need to meet the Sea People Merchant at Vorona Falls in the Red Isle.

Relics of the Past quest giver

However, if you’re looking for a solution, you’ve probably already done that much! After all, all you get from the merchant is a seemingly undecipherable treasure map.

Example of the Treasure Map

The solution to the treasure map is a tad simpler than you might think, though. You just need to head to the southmost part of the Red Isle itself. Set sail, matey!

Fort Louis location

Sail to the islet shown above, far south of the Red Isle and past Tenina Town. Reach the spot on the map above and you will find Fort Louis. Approach it and choose to land.

Fort Louis blue banner

As soon as you land, look toward the southwest to find a large blue banner on the fort’s wall. Walk toward that part of the wall.

The dig site location

At this point, you should notice a big orange glow next to the landmark, just like what’s drawn on the treasure map. Do note, that this landmark is randomized!

Dig in front of the landmark to claim the Lost Sea People Relic!

Now, all that’s left to do is to sail to the far north toward Palisade Bay. You can finish the “Relics of the Past” contract thereby returning the Lost Sea People Relic.

Palisade Bay location

You’ll get the following items as your reward:

  • 480 Silver
  • “Windswept” Ship Cosmetic
  • “First Aid Station” Major Furniture
  • 2 “Sea People Token” Contract Items
  • “Boneforged” Ship Cosmetic
  • “Sea People Bottoms Case” Chest
  • 300 Infamy

Pretty rewarding little contract, eh, matey? After all, it was a rather simple one once you knew where to look. Though, it sure required a good bit of sailing!

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