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Horizon 2: Best Legendary Outfit Locations

Similar to its prequel, Horizon Forbidden West features legendary outfits that offer a wide variety of unique bonuses and perks. However, you need to obtain them from various locations first.




If you’ve played Horizon Zero Dawn before, then you already know that there are legendary outfits scattered throughout the game world that have their own unique bonuses. The same applies to its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

These legendary outfits are a cut above the rest due to the stats, resistances, and even exclusive bonuses that you can’t get from lower rarity items. If you want to get your hands on these legendary outfits, then you need to visit various locations first. Let’s have a look at these locations below.

Best Legendary Outfit Locations in Horizon 2

Do take note that some legendary outfits are a bit challenging to acquire because you have to meet certain requirements before you can obtain them. Without further ado, here are the legendary outfits in the game and their respective locations:

Nora Thunder Warrior

Inspired by the fearsome Thunderjaw, the Nora Thunder Warrior provides major bonuses to ranged combat, even providing significant bonuses to your Concentration and Stamina.

To get this outfit, you need to head to The Maw of the Arena and purchase it from Dukkah for 54 Arena Medals. You can earn these medals by completing Arena challenges.

Tenakth Tactician

This legendary outfit is perfect for players whose playstyle revolves around overriding machines and having them fight on their behalf. To obtain it, you need to go to Thornmarsh and buy it from the Stitcher for 2000 Metal Shards, 1 Apex Slitherfang Heart, and 1 Thunderjaw Circulator.

Tenakth Vanquisher

Ideal for players who like to live on the edge, the Tenakth Vanquisher outfit lets you deal more damage the lower your health is.

This outfit can be purchased from Dukkah for 54 Arena Medals, similar to that of the Nora Thunder Warrior outfit.

Carja Stalker Elite

The Carja Stalker Elite outfit is built around the Trapper skill tree, allowing Aloy to improve her trapping abilities and overall damage.

Similar to the Nora Thunder Warrior and Tenakth Vanquisher outfits, you can purchase it from Dukkah for 54 Arena Medals.

Oseram Artificer

No doubt the hardest legendary outfit to obtain the Oseram Artificer is the perfect option for players who want to go full-on melee. It provides massive boosts to Resonator damage as well as resistances, and it even unlocks the Melee Damage and Critical Strike+ weaves.

To obtain this outfit, you have to complete all 17 Salvage Contracts in the game which will have you go through a bunch of questlines.

Utaru Winterweave

The last one on the list is Utaru Winterweave which is the perfect outfit if you want to sneak behind your enemies and attack them while remaining undetected most of the time. You can buy this outfit from the Stitcher in Thornmast for 2000 Metal Shards, 1 Apex Dreadwing Heart, and 1 Tremortusk Circulator.

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Grounded: How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket

Tutorial on how to get the power droplet trinker.





The Power Droplet Trinket is an item perfect for the players who love monk builds in other games – you know what that is: punching stuff.  It’s part of the new Trinkets added into the game, accessories you can equip for Special Bonuses. They appear over the backyard and some as random loot drops.

Luckily for us, the Power Droplet Trinket is assured, if you can get to it. In this guide I’ll show you how to get your Power Droplet Trinket.

The Effects of Power Droplet Trinket

The Power Droplet Trinket will grant you Fury, a buff that makes unarmed attacks trigger additional attacks and lets them benefit from perk and status effects, even if they are meant for other weapons.

This is to say, if you have a mutation that enhances Axe damage, this enhancement will also apply to your unarmed attacks.

How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket in Grounded

You can get the Power Droplet Trinket by exploring the brick wall near and up the Compost Box. Get to the roof from where you can see the garbage bags lower down.

Walk over the edge and search through the gaps in the bricks for a mark on it.

Images Credit: JADECRAFT

Drop once you’ve seen it and then go right. Drop at the end of that brick and turn around, this time going opposite direction. Drop down once again; turn around once one more time and walk forward, your trinket will be around here.

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