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Fortnite: Tover Tokens Locations in The Joneses

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will have you collecting Tover Tokens that are scattered all throughout the map. One such location you can find them in is The Joneses.




The introduction of Chapter 3 Season 3 in Fortnite means new stuff players can look forward to. One of them comes in the form of a new collectible called Tover Tokens. Basically, you collect these tokens to parts of Snap which happens to be Fortnite’s first-ever customizable skin.

Of course, you can expect the Tover Tokens to be a bit tricky to find. In The Joneses alone, you can find 3 tokens scattered throughout various spots. If you’re struggling to find all of them, then this guide will help you.

Tover Tokens Locations in The Joneses in Fortnite

The current event features 13 Snap Quests, with each quest having you collect 3 Tover Tokens each. As such, if you want to unlock another unique Snap part, you’ll need to collect 3 Tokens in The Joneses. Let’s have a look at where you can find each token.

Tover Token #1

You can find the first Tover Token in the area by going to the northwestern section. There, you can see a tiny house just next to the flagpole. Simply head inside it to find the token.

Tover Token #2

The second token is located on the southwestern portion. You can find a wooden building, a big tree, and a campfire all surrounding an open area with an RV nearby. You can find the second token in that specific spot.

Tover Token #3

The last one is just a short distance from the second token. Start from the campfire and big tree then head east. You’ll eventually come across a red building. Once you do, head south until you see a shooting range with the token in the same area.

As soon as you collect all 3 Tover Tokens, you’ll be able to unlock the Mechbasher which is the Snap skin’s Arms.

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