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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find Flowers from Moana’s Memory

Help Moana Out by Completing the Remembering Quest.




Moana’s Realm will be one of the first few Areas you unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you progress to the story further, She will be asking for your help in solving the Remembering Quest.

The story starts simple enough. You start by clearing Night Thorns that have crept up in Moana’s home. Clearing them with your magic will yield something unusual. Collect it and ask Moana about the item.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the first part of the quest which is to collect 10 flowers to unlock the next Memory.

How to Find Flowers from Moana’s Memory in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moana thanks you for clearing her place of Night Thorns. you will then know that the item that you collected is part of Moana’s Memory.

She remembers the magical flowers for you to collect which sets you off to collect them as part of the Remembering Quest.

Head to the Forest of Valor

Transport yourself to the Forest of Valor. Here you will have to look around for 10 flowers. You can pick any type of flowers in the Forest and as soon as you collect them, once you harvest enough, another Memory will appear.

Use the Furniture Option

If you cannot access the second part of the Forest of Valor because of the Mushroom Stumps, there is a quick solution to that.

Go to your furniture option and navigate towards the flowers on the other side of the bridge. Highlight them and move them near your location for you to pick them up easily.

Show the Memory to Moana

Once all 10 flowers are in your hand, another Memory will appear. Head back to Moana and show it to her for you to continue with the quest.

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