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Conan Exiles: All Sorcerer Locations

Finding the Sorcerers in the Exiled Lands Allow you to Cast Powerful Magic.




The Age of Sorcery Update in Conan Exiles has made the Exiled Lands more interesting and fraught with danger and adventure.

Exiles from all over are now setting their sights on these Sorcerers to obtain powerful magic for your spellbook. Acquiring their spell pages lets you learn spells and enhance existing spells you have acquired through your adventure.

In this guide, we will show you 28 sorcerer locations that you can visit and farm those much-needed spell pages for your arsenal. Bear in mind that the drop rate for these items is fairly low so you need to revisit these locations from time to time.

All Sorcerer Locations in Conan Exiles

These mages have a map of their camp. Finding this map should be your main objective. They do not drop directly as loot from the sorcerers you defeat but are scattered around the area where they are in satchels. To make things easier for you we will show you the map coordinates of the sorcerer locations for you to farm for these much quicker.

D 4

The first area you should go to is D4. You will find the Sorcerer by the altar of Sacrifice.

I 4

The Next Location is on a cliff near the water’s edge. The sorcerer is by the Altar of Sacrifice. Careful attacking him since he has a thrall nearby.

H 4

Head inside the camp and climb up the cliff overlooking the camp area. The Altar of Sacrifice is located there with the Sorcerer performing his rituals.

H 5

The Sorcerer is located inside the stronghold. Be careful engaging him because he has guards around.

H5 East

Head towards the camp to the East of the stronghold. The next Sorcerer is located there.

I 5

Head up to the camp and look for the Altar of Sacrifice in this location. The sorcerer will be waiting for you there.

J 5

As you go up the entrance to the village, go left where the first guard tower is located. The sorcerer’s altar can be found there.

I 7

The altar of sacrifice is located in the middle of the village. Head on over there to find the sorcerer.

H 7

Head on past the stone ruins. The sorcerer has made his altar behind those. Just be careful since his thrall is a few steps away over by the campfire.

F 7

You can find both the sorcerer and his companion camped by the rock wall.

E 8

The sorcerer is located by the altar of sacrifice near the exit. Be careful since he also has a thrall with him.

B 7

Head left when you see the statue of two snakes entwined. This would bring you to the back of some houses where the sorcerer and his followers are located.

B 7

Explore area B 7 until you see a rock face. Scale it to get to the top of the city and when you get to the top you would easily spot the sorcerer in the alleyway.

J 7

Cross the rock bridge to get to the other side. From here turn left and jump across to spot the sorcerer on one of the smaller cliffs performing his rituals.

M 6

Head inside the temple ruins and turn right. This should take you down a series of stone steps and you will find your sorcerer as you make your turn to reach the bottom of the temple.

O 5

Head inside the ruins towards the middle of the area. The sorcerer is to your right and has his altar set near the cat statues.

N 7

Cross the wooden bridge to get you to the camp. You would find the sorcerer By the altar of sacrifice.

M 8

Climb up the stone stairs and go straight ahead. You should find the sorcerer among the wooden cages where he keeps his human sacrifices.

G 9

This sorcerer has his house by the lake. Head towards it and you should find him inside his home.

E 9

Head towards the chieftains location. The sorcerer will be beside him in this area.

B 11

Head towards the central hut of the village. The sorcerer can be found inside there amongst the stone pillars.

B 11

Search the other huts in the area to find the second sorcerer in the village.

A 12

The sorcerer in this area has set up camp high up in the mountains. Search the area until you find it.

G 13

The sorcerer can be found in the area where the great statue is located. There are around 2 or three sorcerers inside so be very careful engaging them.

That’s all the locations that we know so far. Hope this proves to be helpful in your quest of gaining Sorcery in Conan Exiles.

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