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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How to Get Unlimited Meteorite Steel

Break the limits on your weapons with this material!




Meteorite Steel is one of the limit-breaking materials added in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s second DLC expansion.

Getting it is not easy, either, but you’ll want to find an infinite source of it if you wish to upgrade your gear past its old limits!

In this guide, we’ll detail every step you need to take on your journey to farming this new top-tier material.

How to Get Unlimited Meteorite Steel in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


The only real way to get infinite Meteorite Steel in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is by trading for it in the new “The Thousand-Mile Journey” end-game mode.

Additionally, this mode is exclusive to the second DLC, Conqueror of Jiandong. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase the DLC to play it!

The Thousand-Mile Journey is a series of challenges with a large variety of special conditions, such as fighting waves of bosses.

Each challenge you complete will advance you by 1 mile, up to 100 miles as of this writing. Not a thousand miles, as it turns out, though maybe the third DLC will expand the journey!

Completing these challenges will also award you with a unique currency called “Golden Horse Hooves”, which can be then exchanged for a variety of items and materials.

Source: Official Steam Page

So, as you probably have figured out, you’ll need to grind the Thousand-Mile Journey mode to get Meteorite Steel.

Your first task will be to reach mile 61, which will unlock the Meteorite Steel as an item in the Golden Hoof exchange shop. It’s a tough journey, so make sure to bring your best gear and spells!

Thankfully, this will also get you a lot of Golden Horse Hooves naturally, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

How to Exchange Golden Hooves for Meteorite Steel

When you’ve met that first goal, open the Thousand-Mile Journey menu and the button corresponding to the exchange menu.

The prompt is shown at the bottom of the screen. In this example, it’s Square for PlayStation controllers.

Now, just look for Meteorite Steel in the item list and select it to trade your Golden Hooves for it. It costs 20 hooves for one piece.

That’s all there is to it! Therefore you just need to grind out the Thousand-Mile Journey to earn Golden Hooves and trade them in for as much Meteorite Steel as you need!

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