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Voidtrain: How to Solve the Sound Puzzle in Witch Island

Listen to the ghost and shoot the runes to solve this puzzle.




Witch Islands are one of the many things you will encounter in Voidtrain, some of them featuring a sound puzzle.

This puzzle can be tricky due to it being rather unclear at first. However, it’s not that difficult once you know what to look for.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do to solve this type of puzzle.

How to Solve the Witch Island Sound Puzzle in Voidtrain

Source: Tabryne Figaro

This puzzle can be tricky to solve, and we cannot provide you with the solution straight away.

That’s because this sound puzzle is randomized, and can also be found multiple times. The solution will be different each time!

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help you interpret the clues and make things somewhat easier for you.

To start this puzzle, look for a blue ghost creature known as a Rofleemo. Approach it and interact with it, or shoot it with your gun if you want to hear it from afar.

Source: Tabryne Figaro

The creature will start making a series of sounds, though it also seems to speak between each sound. The speech isn’t really important, and you can’t understand it anyway! Focus on the sounds.

For example, you might hear the sound of a deck of cards being shuffled. Maybe you will hear the sound of rain, or maybe the sound of some people fighting.

As we said before, these sounds are all completely randomized for each puzzle you encounter.

However, each one relates to the many runes spread around the Witch Island. You just need to make note of the sounds and find the rune with the icon representing the sound.

Shoot all the right runes and the monoliths behind the Rofleemo will light up in yellow, confirming that you solved the puzzle!

Note that you don’t need to shoot the runes in order, either, so just focus on the ones you can recognize first. This should make the puzzle easier when you’re just missing one or two.

We hope this does help you understand how to solve these puzzles, just pay good attention to the sounds emitted by the Rofleemo and you will get it quickly.

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