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Together BnB: How Do You Cook?

One of the many ways to woo the ladies in Together BnB is by cooking delicious meals for them. But before you’ll try to impress your tenants, you should learn the basics.




Cooking is an important mechanic in Together BnB. Every so often, as you’ll gain the trust and affection of the girls, you might be asked to prepare meals for them. If you don’t want to be caught by surprise, you might want to learn the basics early.

How Do You Cook in Together BnB

Cooking together bnb

Before you start rummaging through the kitchen, get all the ingredients you need from the grocery store. When you’ll get a task to make a specific dish, you should be able to check the recipe on your phone.

Once you’ve got all you need, you can invite one of your friends through the Zkype app to start cooking for them.

Slicing and Dicing

slice food Together BNB

Now, you should be able to interact will all the cooking utensils. First, take the ingredients you need to prepare from your inventory and place them on the cutting board. Then, choose one of the knives and slice them.

If the recipe calls for diced ingredients, all you have to do is turn your knife and slice them from a different angle.

Now, place the ingredients in the frying pan or a pot and place those on the stove. Use the knobs to turn on the respective burners. But keep in mind that each recipe requires a different amount of ingredients, measured in grams (g).

Spicing Things Up

prepare food Together BNB

Now, a good idea would be to place all of the things like spices, sauces, and oils next to the stove, so you can easily reach them.

Check how much of these the recipe calls for and add that exact amount. Now, you’ll need to wait a while for the food to simmer. The “Doneness” meter will indicate how much time is left.

Serving the Food

Serve food Together BNB

Once all of your ingredients are done simmering, turn off the stove and choose the dish specified in the recipe. Pour the content of your cooking vessels into the dish, combining them into a meal ready to be served!

Now, all that’s left to do is place the dish on the serving table and click on the delivery bell.

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How To

Grounded: How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build

It’s not just insects and bugs that are roaming in the backyard. Wizards too!





The recent update of Grounded has added the concept of magic to the game. Aside from being teeny-tiny as ants, you can also experience being a wizard in Grounded.

If you still haven’t known yet, there are three candy staffs that are added to the game. Having this, you will be able to acquire a unique attack style. For example, the spicy staff shoots a bomb, while the sour staff shoots an electric ball, and so on, and so forth.

However, you can observe that staffs that need to charge up deal more damage if the enemy is alone, compared to when the enemies are in groups.

Having said that, it is recommended to have a strong wizard build to make your magic deal more damage.

In this guide, we will let you know what the perfect build is for the staff that you currently have.

How to Do More Damage as Wizard | Best Wizard Build in Grounded

If you want to improve your magic damage with your candy staff, equip the Wizard Hat, Black Ox Harness, and the Black Ox Legwraps to gain a quicker charge time and charge attack weaken passive skills. From seven seconds of base charge attack time, you will now only have 4 seconds of charge attack time. All thanks to your armor.

However, you can still choose to upgrade your staff in order to significantly increase your base attack damage. Plus the fact that you have also equipped the whole Wizard armor set, you will not easily receive damage from enemies from now on.

Having this Wizard build set does not just improve your damage but also makes you a tough character. When combined together, you will be able to have medium armor.

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