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Together BnB: What to Do After Getting a Car?

Getting a car will significantly increase your traveling pace and might tempt you to start exploring the world. But once you’ll get back to the main story, you have trouble figuring out your next step.




Together: BnB gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to exploration, but keeps the progression rather linear. In other words, a lot of the game’s most interesting mechanics are hidden behind your main objectives.

Some of those are pretty hard to figure out, like the cryptic “Try the keys in the BnB” task you’ll receive after getting the car.

Getting a car in Together BnB

To get a car in Together BnB, you’ll first have to travel to the gun shop. There, try to take the Assault Rifle lying on the counter. This will alert Logan, the shopkeeper, who will recognize you as Mark’s brother and give you the car keys. The car itself is parked In front of Logan’s shop – it’s pretty hard to miss.

Trying the Keys in BnB

Unknown key in Together BnB

But the car keys are not the only item Logan will give you. You’ll also receive the “unknown key” and the game will now expect you to find the lock it fits. A lot of players assume that the key opens the warehouse, but that’s not the case. Instead, it is used to unlock the safe found back in Mark’s room, found in the closet next to the bathroom door.

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