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Stranded: Alien Dawn – How to Reach 100% Happiness for Your Survivors

Tips and tricks to make it easier to keep your survivors at 100% happiness.




Stranded: Alien Dawn is a challenging survival game where you have to take care of a group of survivors.

You won’t just have to train them and send them on tasks, either, you will need to provide a decent living to keep survivors’ happiness high.

In this guide, we’ll give a variety of tips to help manage the happiness of your survivors.

How to Raise Survivors’ Happiness to 100% in Stranded: Alien Dawn

Source: Official Steam Store Page

To be quite honest, reaching and maintaining 100% Happiness for every survivor is quite a challenge in this game. There’s always something that brings the mood down after some time.

However, it’s not impossible by any means, especially when you have characters with the Cheerful Personality trait. This trait gives the survivor a permanent +9 increase in happiness!

Keeping your survivors happy primarily consists of providing comfort for them in every way possible.

Room Design

Make sure that they have comfortable beds, for example, and that they also have sufficient seats and tables to eat at.

Source: Dj Dragon

You should also provide private rooms for each survivor since this provides a huge boost to their comfort and happiness.


Also make sure to get furniture related to their hobbies, such as instruments to play and games like the dartboard. This will be absolutely crucial to improving their happiness!

The Shooting Target and Punching Pole are great items to have, as they will allow survivors to relieve some stress and train.

You can check each survivor’s interests when you select them, which will make it easier to decide which furnishings to provide for them.

Source: Dj Dragon


A good meal is another way to keep them happy, too. Designate experienced cooks to handle the cooking since they will be more likely to create exquisite meals.

Focus on Tasty Recipes and Chef’s Recipes whenever you can, since they provide much more happiness to every survivor!

In short, you want to make sure to provide a comfortable living to your survivors if you want to increase their happiness. This is easier said than done, and random events can mess things up, but it’s a good guideline.

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