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Roblox: How To Get Muramasa Awakening | King Legacy

The King Legacy game via Roblox features a very powerful sword called the Muramasa which you have to awaken to unlock its full potential.




To get the sword, you’ll want to defeat King Samurai first. However, since it’s not a guaranteed drop, it will often involve farming the boss over and over again until it finally drops the weapon. The weapon’s drop rate is only 15% while the boss spawns after 2 hours after he’s defeated.

Once you managed to obtain the weapon, it’s now time to awaken it. Follow the guide below to know how.

How to Get Muramasa Awakenening in Roblox King Legacy

To awaken Muramasa, you’ll want to look for Surgit. He will give you the task of killing 10 sea beasts. Once you’ve completed the task, simply return to him and speak to him again.

This time, he will ask you if you want to awaken the weapon.

Do take note that it will consume 50 gems. Once you have awakened the weapon for the first time, you will only awaken one of its moves.

To awaken the second move, you need to repeat the process.

After awakening its moves, you will then see a meter that fills up every time you hit an enemy. Once the meter fills up, you’ll then be able to use the weapon’s skills.

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