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Orcs Must Die 3: How to Get 5 Skulls

Skulls are needed to upgrade items in the book, but how exactly can we get them?




In this game, various items can be used to help you defend your tower against orcs. All the items are upgradable with the use of skulls. So, what are the things we should know in collecting skulls?

How to Get 5 Skulls in Orcs Must Die 3

Skulls are required to unlock and upgrade weapons and traps in Orcs Must Die 3. If you have Perfect Victory, you will receive a maximum of 5 Skulls per level or stage. You can farm more skulls as a bonus for every round. Find out how to achieve perfect victory and get 5 skulls with this guide.

Achieving Perfect Victory

You need to achieve a Perfect Victory to get 5 skulls. You get to earn skulls by completing levels but it depends on the time spent, and the number of Rift Points you earn on every level you play. The North Wing level is a great launchpad for farming skulls. Use Arrow Walls on the left side of the corridor and the Zapper on the ceiling near the entrance where the Orcs spawn. Waves of Orcs will attack you but the traps will be very helpful in taking them down.

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Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Red Desert Threshold Domain

The Red Desert Threshold is one of the new three domains in the new desert area in Sumeru.





There are three new domains that you can challenge in Genshin Impact’s 3.1 update. One of them is the Red Desert Threshold. Of the three domains, this one is actually very easy to unlock. All you need to do is accept a quest and follow the quest marker.

If you don’t know how, then this guide is for you.

How to Unlock Red Desert Threshold Domain in Genshin Impact

Similar to unlocking the Altars of Mirage domain, you also need to accept the Golden Slumber quest for this one. However, you don’t need to complete the entire quest to do so. Instead, you only need it to point you toward where the domain is located.

After accepting the quest from NPC Bonifaz, follow the quest marker until you arrive at a huge hole in the ground. All you need to do is drop down that hole and go all the way to the bottom. Make sure to cushion your fall by using your wings.

Once you reach the bottom, you can then find the entrance to the Red Desert Threshold domain. Unlike the other two domains, you don’t really need to do anything here. You just have to interact with the domain and enter it right away.

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