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Orcs Must Die 3: How to Get Special Upgrade

Orcs Must Die 3 is an action tower defense game by Robot Entertainment.




In this game, you need to do everything to defend your tower from vicious orcs. Some rare items can be imbued with special upgrades to significantly strengthen your defenses. This guide will teach you how to get special upgrades to help you succeed in this game.

How to Get Special Upgrade in Orcs Must Die 3

As you check all available items in the book, you will see an icon with a special upgrade written on top of it. Unfortunately, if you see a cross mark on the special upgrade that means the item doesn’t have any. Most of the items in this game don’t have special upgrades except for one—trinkets.


Trinkets are special items that can give any special stats to the character, or to the rift. They cost mana to cast a spell. There are a total of seven trinkets available in Orcs Must Die 3 and their special upgrades are:

Healing Trinket – Increases the max health of the character.

Empty Rift – The first enemy that goes into the rift is worth zero points.

Freedom Trinket – COOP player gets speed boost when breaking from stun.

Jar Of Ghost – Increase passive fear duration.

Ring Of Storms – Increase active storm duration.

Trap Reset Trinket – Reduce the cooldown of the trinket after use.

Mana Rage Trinket – The first spell after use costs zero mana.

Collecting Skulls

To unlock special upgrades, you need to collect skulls. The more perfect your run is, the more skulls you receive. After each round, you can access your book and see if you can already unlock the items. You need to spend skulls on the special upgrade.

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