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Noita: Dark Moon Location

If you are in the mood for exploring and want to find the Dark Moon, this will clear your path.




Playing this game is more fun when your appetites for exploring are big. If you have a boring life but you want to explore, this could be the journey to make your life more fun while playing this game. 

There are a lot of enemies to go through, but finding the right spells and making your own magic could make your path easier.

Exploring new areas is the crucial thing in this game, and you have trouble finding them…That’s why we are here.

The Dark Moon location

The Dark Moon is beneath the first Template of the Art layer in the repeating layers of The Work(Hell). Similar to the Moon which is made of cheese, but this one has a darker – reddish appearance.

Far from its cousin, only a part of it is solid, making spikey cliffs with blood pooling between them.

In the center of the Dark Moon, there are glyphs that read “ WHAT HATCHED”

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