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Noita: How to Get Back to Surface?

Some of the skills are pretty useful back on the surface. But how do you get back there?




Noita features a lot of secrets and some of them are only found on the world’s surface. But these require skills acquired in the game’s many caves.

As you dig deeper into the dungeons, you might wonder if there is a better way to go back without digging your way through. Well, fortunately for you, there is one.

How to Get Back to Surface in Noita

As mentioned above, there is a pretty obvious way to go back to the surface that requires you to dig through the walls of holy mountains that separate the game’s biomes.

This will anger the gods, causing a hostile Stevari to spawn in this end every other holy mountain you’ll visit. On top of that, the walls are made of brickwork, which is resistant to explosives but can be damaged using a black hole, acid, or worms.

The Less Violent Way

If you want to avoid angering the gods, there is one more way you can get back to the surface.

Although the ma of Noita is semi-randomized, areas always connect with each other the same way.

There is one area called the tower, which allows you to safely get back to the surface after defeating the boss.

It is a secret area, accessible after reaching Temple of the Art. In the upper-left portion of this location, you should find some lava that, once destroyed, will reveal the portal to the tower!

Of course, the tower itself is a location like every other, so be prepared to fight a boss at the end. But, it is also the only location that’ll lead you back to the surface.

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