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Mobile Legends: How to Buy the New Talent System | Talent Essence Guide

The latest Patch 1.6.86 Update in the Mobile Legends Advanced Server introduces a NEW Talent System which you can purchase using Talent Essence.




During the last Patch 1.6.74 Update in Advanced Server, the developers at MOONTON Games implemented a new Talent System. However, it was disregarded entirely when Patch 1.6.80 was released.

With the Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.86 Update release, the Talent System is back and rebuilt, with improved aesthetics and talent effects. Let’s take a closer look at this update.

How to Buy the New Talent System in Mobile Legends

The Talent system has now returned to the Advanced Server with better looks and talent effects. Players will be able to unlock skills in this test by using Talent Essence.

During this test, all Emblem Fragments and Magic Dust acquired by players will be converted into Talent Essence at a 1:1 ratio. For Advanced Server, developers have planned a special event that will allow players to help them gain Talent Essence more quickly.

If you want to better understand the new Talent System, this article will teach you how it works.

Purchasing the New Talent

To purchase Talents, you have two options. First, Talents can be purchased directly with a relatively large amount of Talent Essence, and you will have limitless access.

Another option is to activate the skill with a lower quantity of Talent Essence, then pay a set amount of Talent Essence to use it for each match. Once you’ve used the talent for the required number of times, it will be permanently unlocked.

The second option is recommended for new players who want to test out more talents soon after joining the game.

The New Talent System in the Advanced Server has the following four sections:

Fixed Attributes

Each set of fixed attributes consists of four traits that cannot be modified, comparable to the Wheel’s attributes on the current Emblem screen’s right half.

Different sets are represented by various weapons, which represent the heroes’ natural fighting ability. Each weapon can transform into four distinct forms according to the chosen talents.

Core Talents

The most significant impacts are found in core talents, classified into three types: offensive, defensive, and utility. Core talents are equivalent to Tier 3 talents in the current emblem system; however, they don’t require any point allocation.

Regular Skill Talents

Regular skill talents have less powerful effects than Core Talents, and most of them have specified trigger requirements. They are classified into three sub-types, similar to core talents: offensive, defensive, and utility.

Regular Attribute Talents

Regular attribute talents give a single attribute and have the same enhancing effects as Regular Skill Talents. They’re also broken down into three categories: offensive, defensive, and utility.

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