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LEGO 2K Drive: How to Unlock Lawnmower

The lawnmower is actually something that you can ride in this game!




There are lots of wacky stuff in LEGO 2K Drive. Not only does the game allow you to build your own vehicles via the Garage, but it also lets you drive a lawnmower.

However, this is not the typical lawnmower you’re used to. Aptly called Weed Chopper 5000, it’s more akin to a small tractor with blades than an actual lawnmower.

But how can you get your hands on this vehicle? This guide will show you.

How to Unlock Lawnmower in LEGO 2K Drive

Source: WarbyGaming

The Weed Chopper 5000, as its name suggests, is primarily used to get rid of patches of weed on the ground. It’s not mainly for racing purposes, but it does help make races a lot smoother.

As you can see, there are areas in the game that are covered by weeds. Running through these patches of weed will obviously slow you down. The thing is, you can’t mow weeds during a race.

Instead, you have to do it ahead of time before a race actually begins. This is where the Weed Chopper 5000 comes in.

Source: WarbyGaming

To unlock it, you have to complete a side quest called Weed Wrangling. Start by heading to this location on the map.

Here, you’ll meet an alien named Mr. Green. Speak to him and he will ask you to get rid of the patches of weed nearby. He’ll also lend you his lawnmower for this task.

Source: WarbyGaming

All you have to do is clear the patches of weed using the lawnmower and speak to him once you’re done. After that, he will then give you the Weed Chopper 5000 as a reward.

To use it, simply head to your loadout and choose the Off-road vehicles category. Look for the Weed Chopper 5000 and equip it.

With the lawnmower in your possession, you can now start mowing patches of weed on the ground right before races. This will help make any race on that location a lot smoother.

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